Bao Viet Insurance for the elderly

Insurance has become an important part of our lives, and is also a solution to ensure safety for the future. In today’s diverse insurance market, finding a unique insurance program for each individual becomes extremely important. Among them, the elderly have become a group that needs more special attention because their health has gradually weakened and their ability to function is no longer flexible, leading to unexpected incidents. Let’s find out with IBAOHIEM which type it is Bao Viet insurance for the elderly Good and trusted by many people through the article below.

To ensure health safety: the body’s organs have been working for many years, causing them to gradually weaken, leading to susceptibility to diseases of old age such as spinal degeneration, diabetes, etc. Health insurance will Helping elderly customers protect their health when unfortunate risks occur.

Receive care with the best services: taking care of the elderly has never been easy when many people suffer from memory diseases or have difficulty moving their bodies. Customers will enjoy the best quality of care services at leading facilities, hospitals, and clinics across the country and outside the region from insurance.

Protect financial resources when risks occur: because the elderly are more likely to have accidents while treating them costs a lot. Therefore, health insurance for the elderly becomes an effective assistant in reducing the burden on families when paying part or all of inpatient and outpatient costs for patients.

Bao Viet Insurance for the elderly

Intercare health insurance is one of them Bao Viet insurance for the elderly is rated the highest. With 5 diverse programs including Select, Essential, Classic, Gold, Diamond, customers can choose at will with different prices and benefits.

Select program: This is the package with the cheapest fee but customers receive many insurance benefits from inpatient to outpatient throughout the territory of Vietnam. For example, customers aged 61-64 can participate in inpatient treatment of this program for 24,300,000 VND/year and have expenses such as room, care, and treatment fees covered. ,… with a total limit of up to 1,050,000,000 VND.

Essential Program: the coverage of this package is not only in Vietnam but throughout Southeast Asia. Elderly customers enjoy full inpatient benefits with a total limit of 2,100,000,000 VND and outpatient benefits up to 63,000,000 VND.

Classic program: insurance coverage is expanded throughout Asia, and customers are cared for with high quality services when participating in insurance in inpatient and outpatient terms.

Gold Program: This is a more advanced program as coverage has expanded worldwide (except the US and Canada).

Diamond Program: customers will have to pay the highest fee, besides the insurance benefits they receive are also superior to other packages. When participating in inpatient or outpatient treatment, customers will receive dedicated care at hospitals and clinics spread around the world.

Intercare Insurance commits that customers will be satisfied with the quality of service with a fast and transparent guarantee system, helping customers feel secure in being cared for.

Bao Viet also has many insurance products for the elderly at preferential prices such as Bao Viet Tam Binh, Bao Viet An Gia,… that customers can choose to protect themselves and their loved ones around them.

Besides exercising to increase longevity and have peaceful days in retirement, the elderly also need the protection of health insurance to rest assured in old age. So buy it Bao Viet insurance for the elderly Where? Come to IBAOHIEM to receive the fastest and most detailed advice on the insurance products everyone is interested in.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Intercare Insurance

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