Toyota reveals 2 mysterious SUV models, a small model like Jimny can easily become a “hot” product

An urban electric vehicle and an off-road electric vehicle can become new members of the Toyota Land Cruiser family.

On August 2, Toyota officially announced the latest generation of Land Cruiser Prado. At this event, Toyota brand director Simon Humphries affirmed that the future of the Land Cruiser “could be anything”.

According to Toyota’s leader, the future Land Cruiser may be a zero-emission vehicle (in other words, an electric vehicle) and may also be a low-cost car. This information is very noteworthy as it paves the way for them to expand the Land Cruiser lineup with many new names targeting untapped segments in the future.

At the same time the above statement was made, Toyota revealed images of two new mysterious car models behind the leader. This single photo clearly shows their physique with the car on the left having a square, masculine look. High ground clearance, short front/tail, rear door-mounted spare tire and large tires are factors that clearly show off-road tendencies.

The remaining car model on the right side of the screen has the rounded design of an urban SUV as well as an electric car.

The car has an off-road orientation, if you analyze the design more closely, it looks very similar to the Toyota Compact Cruiser EV concept launched in 2021. Besides the identical frame, car details such as the thick C-pillar placed under the ceiling slightly tilted back or the headlight interface is the same.

Meanwhile, the model on the right has a design language more similar to an electric car, especially considering the front end appears to use a fake radiator. This will probably be a crossover model between the two purely electric bZ and Land Cruiser lineups.

Source: Auto Pro

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