Things to note when choosing a car smart screen

Choosing a car screen suitable for your car is not an easy task, especially when you do not learn about technology or have much knowledge in this field. However, don’t worry, CarOn will take care of whatever is difficult. We will provide you with the most useful and accurate information so you can easily choose a car screen that best suits your needs.


Brands are all tangible and intangible values ​​used to identify or distinguish certain products, services, individuals or organizations from each other. And especially, the brand will be formed and reinforced through customer trust.

The trend of the automobile industry is growing, accompanied by consumer demand, wanting to have the best experience when using their “beloved car”, brands are racing to produce screen products. Smart car models with a variety of models, prices and different qualities. In particular, we must mention brands that are highly appreciated by many customers for their quality and trusted to use such as: CarOn car screen


Upgrading car screens is a new trend for car enthusiasts, bringing great experiences and conveniences. The number of smart screen brands is also very diverse, designs and styles are improved to suit each type of vehicle, with prices ranging from low to high, with many options depending on budget and usage needs. of cutomer. Not only that, preferential policies are also given great attention to compete in the market and gain customers’ trust. For example, for CarOn, when using the service, the product will be warranted for 24 months, along with free on-site installation upon request.


Selling price is also an important factor affecting purchasing decisions. The question of expensive or cheap is quite interesting because it is relative. How much is expensive or how much is cheap depends on each person’s financial capacity. The price of a car smart screen depends on the value of the car. Smart car screens on the market have a variety of prices. Ranging from about 6.5 million VND to around 20 million VND; There are also products floating on the market with prices ranging from 2 million to 4 million VND. Choosing equipment based on price is necessary if your financial capacity is limited. However, when economic conditions allow, choose a screen with the highest image quality to ensure quality and durability.


Currently on the market there are many car screen products with many different designs and brands and extremely diverse prices. This has caused confusion and even created many difficulties for customers when deciding to buy products to suit their needs and budget.

If you have ever used any electronic device, you will see that it uses a lot of hardware resources. Specifically, RAM (random memory) consumes a lot of CPU and GPU processing power.

Therefore, when choosing a car screen, the first thing customers need to pay attention to is the hardware parameters. In addition, using a screen for a car also has many other characteristics that need to be noted. Therefore, let’s learn about the following factors when making the decision to invest in a smart screen for your “beloved car”!

To choose a good car screen, you should pay attention to the following 4 must-have technical factors:

Smart utilities

A car screen is a type of device that provides features: entertainment, utilities, driving support, connection and control of security – safety technology in the car… This screen is often installed in the right position. center console on the car. Through the smart car screen, users can control entertainment features (listening to music, watching videos, connecting to the internet, accessing social networks…), driving assistance (GPS navigation, viewing maps). maps, directions…), connect and synchronize with smartphones (listen/call, view/reply messages…), connect car cameras and many other features in the car…

Smart widget on caron pro screen

How powerful is the CPU chip?

CPU is the brain of the device, characterizing the ability to calculate and process work, executing computer program commands by performing arithmetic, logic, comparison and input operations. /exports the underlying data specified by the script.

CPU is a factor that cannot be ignored, your device is capable of doing heavy work, whether hard work is good or not depends on this part. Currently, most smart display devices for cars are using multi-core chips, rarely using single-core chips.

In this criterion, you should also choose the most powerful and newest chips to have more resources to upgrade the operating system later to a newer version. However, you should choose the chip with the most cores to ensure smooth processing capacity with today’s latest Android versions. Of course, the more powerful the CPU, the more expensive it is and vice versa.

How much RAM is enough?

RAM is the machine’s temporary memory that helps store current information so the CPU can retrieve and process it. Almost every active application is set to be available on RAM without being turned off. So that when reopening the application, it will not take time to boot up

All users know that the minimum number of requirements is always given by manufacturers at the lowest level of hardware to highlight the superiority and optimization of the operating system platform they are using. develop. The minimum amount of RAM required only ensures smooth operation of the operating system without installing other applications. That’s why many game players who buy computers with the minimum configuration requirements of the game publisher find it difficult to play that game.

It can be said that the minimum number is just a number for manufacturers to give for free. We users need practical experience and “Enough amount of RAM to run smoothly” is what we need to choose when buying an electronic device. We can refer to the amount of RAM required by the following operating system versions:

Operating system version Codename Year of release Minimum amount of RAM The amount of RAM is enough to run smoothly
Android 12.0 Snow Cone October 4, 2021 6GB 8GB
Android 11.0 Red Velvet Cake September 2020 6GB 8GB
Android 10.0 Android 10Q September 3, 2019 3GB 4GB
Android 9.0 Pie August 7, 2018 2GB 4GB
Android 8.0 Oreo August 21, 2017 2GB 3GB
Android 7.0 Nougat August 22, 2016 1GB 2GB
Android 6.0 Marshmallow October 5, 2015 1GB 2GB
Android 5.0 Lollipop October 7, 2014 512MB 2GB
Android 4.4 Kikat October 2013 512MB 2GB
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean July 25, 2013 512MB 2GB
internal memory of caron pro screen

What is the graphics card (GPU) like?

Graphics cards are extremely important hardware. Many people think it’s just for better display. But no, high graphics configuration helps the device run faster. Because it is responsible for processing a huge volume of image data. Anyone who has ever played games or worked as a designer will easily notice this.

The graphics card is necessary for all processing to reach the user (that is, to display images on the screen smoothly). Most cheap devices have very weak video cards, all functions rely on the processing power of the CPU

A configuration without a graphics card may be enough for you to chat, text, browse the web and other basic applications. However, in the car you don’t use the smart screen just to do these things. Navigation requires a video card to render vector graphics onto a 3-dimensional image displayed on the screen… All of these factors require the device you choose to have a powerful enough graphics card (GPU). Having a separate graphics card will reduce the burden on the CPU. With a strong graphics card, processing tons of image data on the screen will be easier, faster, and more beautiful.


The current market for buying and selling smart screens for cars is extremely diverse, with many companies providing this product. However, not all products have preferential prices and quality consistent with their price. In addition, there are also many sophisticated counterfeit products on the market, causing consumers to be confused and easily mistakenly buy low-quality fake products, leading to a bad experience and “wasted money.” .

Below, CarOn will suggest to everyone some popular and highly rated screens at affordable prices with many incentives such as:

For further details, please contact: 0961247360 to receive detailed information and the best support!

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