Things to know about GPS navigation devices

Nowadays, the application of car navigation devices in life has become extremely popular and is an inevitable need. Currently, the state has required this device to be installed on transport business vehicles because of the extremely practical benefits it brings.

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What is a GPS navigation device?

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GPS – short for Global Positioning System is called a global positioning system. Specifically, this system is a network of 27 different satellites launched and orbiting the Earth in a predetermined orbit and continuously transmitting data and information to Earth. A GPS navigation device is a device equipped with a GPS chip used to transmit and receive signals from artificial satellites flying around the Earth. This chip relies on the distance from the positioning device to 3 different satellites to determine where the device is on Earth.

Mechanism of operation of GPS

The navigation device receives information from GPS satellites (which circle the Earth twice a day in a precise orbit) using trigonometric calculations to accurately calculate the exact location of the vehicle.

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Positioning devices receive information from GPS satellites

Cruise tracking devices need to receive signals from at least three or more satellites to calculate the two-dimensional position according to longitude and latitude of the tracked object. With four or more satellites, this device can calculate three-dimensional position thanks to the longitude, latitude and altitude vector coordinate axes. Besides, you will also know other necessary information such as direction of travel, driving speed, distance from the vehicle location to the delivery point, etc. Thanks to the system of 24 satellites operating in many parallel channels. Today’s GPS navigation devices work extremely accurately. With positioning devices like BK88, it also incorporates the satellite system of GNOLASS positioning technology from Russia to help achieve almost perfect accuracy.

Features of car navigation device

Manage all car activities: This feature allows users to track, monitor and manage all activities on the car such as: determining the direction of travel, position status, speed of trucks, cars or motorbikes with real time. real time. Everything is updated with detailed information through the navigation application on the vehicle owner’s phone or computer.

Prevent vehicle theft: If there are signs that the vehicle is moving outside the allowed range, the system will immediately text or call the vehicle owner to notify.

Save the vehicle’s running schedule: When installing a navigation device in a car, the driver can use the accessory’s memory to store travel schedules for 90 days or 1 year, depending on your requirements.

Check the car’s operating time and schedule: Reports travel time, kilometers traveled, as well as location speed

Support transportation businesses car rental, bus services,… manage your car to see if it is operating on schedule. Where is the vehicle for easy control and tracking?

Warning when vehicle exceed the speed limit, and at the same time warn you when the vehicle enters dangerous roads

Why install car navigation?

A question that many people are interested in is why it is necessary to install the device car positioning? This makes many car owners wonder because they have to spend a significant amount of money on their vehicle fleet.

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According to Article 6 – Circular 63/2014, the Ministry of Transport has issued a decision requiring all vehicles for business purposes to have a trip monitoring device installed.. This can help state agencies and vehicle owners manage vehicles more easily. In case the vehicle causes an accident, the vehicle carries the wrong number of passengers, the vehicle violates speed, runs a red light, etc., the vehicle owner will be notified. At this time, the car owner can call the driver for a timely reminder. Besides, managing a large fleet of vehicles is very difficult, installing additional positioning devices can help vehicle owners manage many vehicles at the same time extremely effectively. You will no longer need to constantly call the driver to ask about the vehicle’s status, but only need to control it through your smartphone screen.

There are several types of car navigation devices

A car navigation device is a GPS navigation device with a compact design that is mounted on a car and has a notification and monitoring function so that users can know the vehicle’s operating status and problems. even when the car is moving away from you. Can be divided into 2 types of positioning as follows:

Wired car navigation device

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The wired car locator device is used directly with the vehicle’s battery power source. When your car moves, satellites will transmit signals to the positioning device, through GPS mode. The device will then transmit the information to the mobile base station.

Finally, the navigation system will send mobile electronic devices to you such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Wired car navigation devices are suitable for use by other people renting a car, cargo containers.

Wireless car navigation device

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The wireless car locator is suitable for use in family cars and self-driving vehicles to prevent others from stealing the device. The product is installed and connected via magnets.

Usage of the car device is extremely simple, you just need to turn on the power and attach it anywhere in the car to be able to locate it. At that time, the satellites will transmit signals to the positioning device. Next, they will send location information to your computer, tablet or phone.

Comparison table of wired and wireless car navigation devices

So how are wired car locators and wireless car locators different? Let’s compare these two types of devices with CarOn!

Criteria Wired car navigation device Wireless car navigation device
Subjects of use Rent a car to someone else. Cargo containers, cargo vehicles. Family car. Drive yourself.
Installation location Connect directly to the battery. Any location on the vehicle.
Design Cumbersome, requires many wires. Small Compact, simple.
How to install Need to have installation techniques, ask a technician to install it for you. Easy to install, buyers can install it themselves.
Used Time Use continuously for a long time. Short usage time, when the battery runs out, you need to wait for charging time.
Utilities View fuel and sensor indicators on the vehicle. Unable to view sensor readings on the vehicle.
How it works Working throughout, the wire is easily broken and the source is damaged, causing signal loss. Works when the power is on so it is less affected than the wired type.
Repair Difficult because it requires professional techniques to be installed permanently. You just need to take it apart and get it repaired.
Price (updated August 17, 2022) Cheap, approx 1 – 3 million VND. More expensive, approx 2 – 5 million VND.

Things to note when choosing to buy a car navigation device

Before choosing to buy any item for ourselves, we must research carefully. For car navigation, CarOn has compiled and provided an information table on things to keep in mind when choosing to buy a car navigation device as follows:

Criteria Content
Specifications Before buying, you need to know information including frequency band and chip, and other technical specifications of the car such as: Battery capacity, transmitting capacity, battery life, reception sensitivity.
Integrated features Attention should be paid to features that help us easily determine the exact location of the vehicle, assist users in checking whether their vehicle has been parked, how many times the engine has been turned on and off, etc.
Warranty period Car navigation devices usually have a warranty period of 6 – 12 months. Depending on the supplier’s policy, the warranty period may vary.
type of device Includes wired devices and wireless devices. Wired devices use wires to connect to the vehicle’s battery. The wireless device uses a battery and is attached to the car via magnets, so when in use, just turn on the power and the user can know where his or her car is.

Above is some information for those of you who are learning about GPS. This is an extremely necessary device for your beloved car. Carefully study the information and data to be able to get the most suitable product!

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