Learn about 360-degree holographic camera technology in cars

With the development of electronic technologies, driving a car has become much easier and safer. In this article, CarOn will introduce to readers 360 camera technology that supports panoramic observation of the space around the car.

What is a 360 degree camera?

360-degree car camera is a set of camera equipment that provides comprehensive 360-degree images around the car. A 360-degree camera set usually has 4 camera eyes installed in 4 positions: front of the car, rear of the car, left rear mirror and right rear mirror. With these 4 camera eyes, the 360-degree camera will provide the entire image around the vehicle, eliminating dangerous blind spots in the front of the vehicle, the rear of the vehicle, and both sides of the vehicle.

The 360-degree camera image display screen usually has two image frames. A photo frame displays a 3D simulated image of the car from above. Another frame will display the image of each camera according to the movement of the steering wheel. For example, when the car turns left, this image frame will automatically switch to displaying the image of the camera installed in the left rearview mirror. When the car is in reverse gear, the photo frame will automatically display the reverse camera image.

With some high-end 360-degree camera lines, 4 camera eyes installed on 4 sides of the vehicle, in addition to the observation function, also have the function of storing images, acting as a dash cam.

CarOn Pro screen camera

If installing a reverse camera or forward camera can only see a fixed angle, then when installing a 360-degree camera, you can completely observe every corner and every side of the vehicle. In other words, among all types of car cameras, 360-degree cameras support the most comprehensive and optimal observation, and are the most effective solution for eliminating blind spots. Because this camera set has gathered almost all car cameras including: dashboard camera, front camera, forward camera on the side mirror and reverse camera,…

What types of vehicles are 360 ​​car cameras used for?

Previously, when it came to 360-degree car cameras, most drivers felt it was a luxury and only high-end cars could install them. However, in recent years, 360 car cameras have become one of the popular technology products. 360 car cameras today appear in a variety of designs and features from many different brands. Therefore, most cars from luxury to mid-range can install 360 car cameras to ensure safe driving.

Why does the 360 ​​car camera see the whole scene in the car?

Up to now, many people who are not tech-savvy and don’t know much about 360 car cameras still don’t understand why it can provide panoramic images around the car.

The 360 ​​car camera can see the entire scene around the car because it is a device consisting of 4 camera eyes. Each camera eye is equipped with a wide viewing angle with high resolution to support sharp recording. The images captured by the camera before being displayed on the DVD screen will be delicately reassembled thanks to a modern system and the appearance of simulated 3D images to create a more realistic feeling for the user. .

Structural components and operating process of the system

The 360-degree camera system includes wide-angle cameras located at the front, rear and rearview mirrors on both sides of the vehicle to help record all images around the vehicle and transmit them to the master controller for processing and display. on the central DVD screen or dashboard screen, the screen integrates a mirror to help display simulated images to the driver.

From here, the driver can observe around the vehicle easily and conveniently. With a viewing radius of 1–3m around the vehicle body depending on the type of camera, the driver can recognize and clearly see almost all surrounding obstacles when traveling on the road or entering the parking lot. parking, thereby avoiding and limiting unnecessary risks and damages due to collisions.

Operating principle of 360 degree Camera

Average quality display on 360 camera sensor with 225 sensor

When it comes to 360 car cameras, everyone must appreciate its quality. However, very few people know the operating principle of this type of camera. The operating principle of Camera 360 can be understood as follows:

– When the car starts, 4 360-degree car cameras are immediately activated and record from front – back, left – right directions. Each car camera eye has a viewing radius of 1 – 3m around the vehicle.

– When the car turns on the left turn signal, the camera on the left mirror will capture images and display them on the car’s Android screen. Conversely, when turning on the right turn signal, the image recorded from the right mirror camera will be displayed. Through the images obtained, the driver can identify obstacles on both sides of the vehicle and easily navigate.

– When the car moves forward or backward, the car screen will display images obtained from the front and rear cameras. Supports turning, reversing, and horizontal coupling conveniently, limiting collisions with surrounding vehicles.

This is the operating principle of 360 car cameras that car owners need to especially remember for flexible and safe driving.

Principle of displaying images on car screens

The principle of displaying images on the car screen is divided into 2 parts:

– Display 3D simulated images: ⅓ of the car screen displays 3D images of the car from above. The driver can observe all four sides and detect obstacles easily

– Images are displayed according to the driver’s driving process. The remaining ⅔ of the screen displays images depending on the direction of the vehicle. For example: A car going straight shows the front image, a car going in reverse shows the image of the rear area. Same with left and right turn signals.

Choosing a car screen also plays an important part in displaying image quality in a sharp and clear way. Current smart car screens have many diverse designs, and there are many trusted brands such as CarOn Pro smart car screens.

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Should you use 360-degree cameras for cars?

There are 3 types of car blind spots: front blind spot, rear blind spot, and rearview mirror blind spot. The blind spot in front of the car is mainly due to the driver’s seating position being obscured by the car’s hood. Therefore, it is impossible to see low obstacles right in front of the vehicle. The taller the car, the larger the blind spot in front of the car.

The vehicle’s rear blind spot and rearview mirror blind spot are mainly due to the structure of the vehicle’s body, and the viewing range of the rearview mirror is limited. The driver will not be able to see the lower corners of the rear of the vehicle and the two rear quadrants of the vehicle. If obstacles or vehicles fall into these blind areas, it will be difficult for the driver to see. This is the cause of many fan incidents, collisions, and accidents.

caron blind spot

The introduction of car cameras is considered an effective solution to overcome blind spots, helping drivers observe better. The front-facing camera helps solve blind spots in the front of the car. The rearview camera helps solve blind spots on both sides of the vehicle. The reversing camera helps solve blind spots in the rear area of ​​the car.

360 degree camera is a set of equipment that brings together all the above types of cameras. The 360-degree camera set includes a forward camera, a reverse camera, a camera on the secondary mirror and a dash cam. Instead of installing each camera individually, with a 360-degree camera, the driver will be able to observe the vehicle from every angle. In particular, many 360-degree cameras also have the feature of creating simulated 3D images, providing a more comprehensive perspective from above.

360-degree cameras are considered an effective support tool to help improve visibility. Thanks to that, the driver can handle situations more easily and accurately, ensuring more safety, especially in difficult situations such as driving on crowded roads, narrow alleys or when reversing parking…

This is the reason why today most luxury cars such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Volvo… are equipped with 360-degree cameras. And gradually, many popular car models such as Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Kia Sorento, Hyundai SantaFe, Mazda CX-8… have also had 360-degree cameras built into the car.

360-degree cameras for cars are becoming a trend. This upgrade is considered to be very helpful in supporting safe driving, minimizing unpleasant situations during driving and parking.

Criteria for choosing a good 360 car camera

To choose the best 360 car camera set that meets your needs during travel at a reasonable price, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

Choose a reputable brand

Before you choose to buy any product, the first thing you need to consider is the reputation of the brand providing the product you are choosing. A reputable brand will thoroughly research the product before launching it, ensuring your use will be the best.

Furthermore, a reputable brand will also pay special attention to warranty and after-sales policies for customers using their products, thereby helping you feel more secure when choosing and using.

Currently, some car smart screens are integrated with 360 Camera, providing a complete, emotional experience with just a compact device. CarOn Pro smart car screen is proud to be one of the most trusted and quality brands with affordable prices and good after-sales service.

Choose products with high image quality

For each 360 car camera set, the product’s display image quality is always the top concern. The best 360 car camera products on the market will have HD image resolution of 1280×960. This is considered the standard image quality to ensure the best visibility while driving.

Choose a product with a variety of driver assistance features

An best 360 degree camera for cars There needs to be additional features to support the driver’s vehicle control in the safest and most convenient way. Some important features needed for every 360 car camera set include:

  • Automatically displays the entire scene as soon as the vehicle is started
  • Automatically turns on/off when the vehicle moves below/over 20km/h
  • Diverse perspectives
  • Convenient for operation while driving
  • The camera eye must be waterproof and dustproof
  • Wide viewing angle for increased visibility
  • Record high-quality journeys
caron camera screen

Choose products with clear warranty policies

A reputable and quality product has a clear warranty policy and long-term after-sales service. In addition to creating trust for customers during use, the warranty policy also affirms the brand’s confidence in its products.

Therefore, when choosing products, you should pay attention to brands that have good warranty and after-sales policies for their customers.

Above is useful information about 360 degree Camera for you guys. For further details, please contact hotline 0961247360 or website https://caronpro.vn/ for the earliest support!

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