Close-up of Ruiqi 6 from only 313 million VND in the Chinese market

China is one of the very special markets, so to suit this attractive market of billions of people, many car companies in the world have sought to establish joint ventures between car companies as well as domestic segments. this country. To distribute cars exclusively to customers here.

Recently, Nissan in Zhengzhou officially announced the launch of the Ruiqi 6 2023 model. This is a Zhengzhou Nissan joint venture product distributed exclusively to customers in the Chinese market. With attractive prices from only 91,800 yuan to 156,800 yuan (equivalent to 313 million VND to 535 million VND). This car model has many versions and of course the price will depend on which version the customer chooses.

Ruiqi 6 2023 is considered a “twin brother” with Nissan Navara. However, the appearance of Ruiqi 6 looks more gentle when equipped with LED headlights, a compact radiator grille, front air vents stretching to both sides of the car, and fog lights integrated inside. The rear of the Ruiqi 6 is similar to the Navara without many changes.

However, with such a preferential price, it is understandable why some interior parts of this car model have been cut. But compared to Nissan Navara, Ruiqi 6 has more choices for customers including between urban version and off-road version or between long cargo compartment and flat cargo compartment. There are more than 20 suitable models for customers to choose from.

In appearance, the Ruiqi 6 has a slightly different appearance from the Nissan Navara with more gentle LED headlights, a compact grille and front air vents stretching to both sides of the car, with fog lights integrated inside. Rounding out the rear of the car, the Ruiqi 6 has not changed much compared to the Nissan Navara. Note that the car in the photo has the lowest version so the taillights are a bit “cheap”. When you open the door and step into the cockpit interior, you will be shocked because the pickup truck model specifically for China even has the smart entertainment screen “blown away”.

In terms of power, Rich 6 2023 is equipped with a 2.4L gasoline engine and a 2.3T diesel engine. The 2.4-liter gasoline engine has a maximum capacity of 116 kW and maximum torque of 235 Nm, optional 6-speed manual and 8-speed automatic transmission. Like Navara, Rich 6 uses a double-wishbone independent front suspension, non-independent rear suspension, front disc brakes and rear drums.

In Vietnam, there is no information on Ruiqi 6 being officially distributed. However, if you are interested in this car style, you can refer to the Nissan Navara 2023 model, which has 3 versions with a listed price from 699 million VND.

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