CarOn Tracking – Accurate positioning software – Monitor every road

Controlling your beloved car effectively and saving time searching is always a difficult problem for most drivers. Using the manual method, the search process will take a lot of time, affecting your work. Knowing that, CarOn has launched CarOn Tracking software with accurate positioning features, monitoring all roads through the CARON TRACK application on the phone through GPS positioning.

Caron Tracking
Caron Tracking

The CARON TRACKING system is installed on all car models from popular to high-end on the CARON screen. Now, monitoring and tracking the vehicle’s route, speed, time and current location will be easier than ever. In particular, the accuracy is extremely high as it can be monitored wherever you sit

Next, CARON will introduce to you about CARON Tracking software and how to use it over the phone!

Reasons to install car navigation as soon as possible

Benefits of CarOn Tracking in cars

Tracking and controlling the vehicle is very simple. Using a vehicle positioning application gives users practical benefits such as:

Absolute protection of personal property

Using positioning software, users can determine the exact location of vehicles, whether they are in a moving, stopped or parked state. Therefore, car owners can monitor what state their car is in, whether it is on the right route, is it speeding, or is the car damaged? This is extremely important for car rental businesses, this is an effective method that contributes to protecting the owner’s assets.

Save labor and equipment costs

With Caron Tracking’s smart vehicle positioning software, one device can manage many vehicles, so businesses will minimize equipment costs for vehicle monitoring and cut down on the number of unnecessary employees, thereby saving money. Save personnel costs for businesses.

Prevent car theft anywhere

Society is increasingly complicated about security issues, especially for those who own valuable assets such as cars. Controlling your vehicle will prevent some rare unfortunate events from happening. Thanks to car navigation software, you can manage your car more easily, dispelling worries about safety and theft.

Outstanding features of CarOn Tracking

Outstanding features of CarOn Track

Monitor vehicle location

  • Displays speed, mileage, engine on/off status, door opening and closing status…
  • Locate the vehicle, continuously update the vehicle’s location and activity on the map.
  • Speed ​​violation warning, SOS, continuous driving time violation warning…

Review the vehicle itinerary

  • The journey monitoring system helps users easily locate the journey and review the vehicle’s journey according to the selected time period (vehicle location, vehicle status, operating time…)
  • The itinerary is saved and displayed visually on the map.
  • Record stopping time, calculate total stopping time, calculate total operating distance

Manage multiple vehicles on the same account

Not just one, Caron can manage up to 5 vehicles on the same device. Helps track time faster, more economically, and more conveniently than ever. Just a single account can track all the journeys, positioning, etc. of many remaining vehicles.

Save travel history for 365 days

To help users conveniently monitor and manage cars, the CarOn team also set up the function of storing vehicle journeys for 365 days (One year). Accordingly, the routes that the vehicle has gone through will be continuously updated on the software. Users can review the vehicle’s passing route on the CarOn Tracking navigation application on the CarOn car screen and mobile phone.

In addition, CarOn Tracking also has a loop override feature. After 365 days, the software will automatically delete the oldest record to update the latest information of the route just passed. This function is also quite convenient and plays an important role in investigation when an incident unfortunately occurs.

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