ADAS – Safety feature available on CARON PRO Dashcam

A dash cam is an item that ensures safety on trips, especially long journeys. In addition to the video recording function, manufacturers also equip additional features to support safe driving. Some of them are: ADAS driving assistance, speed warning, lane departure warning and sign reading function.

What is ADAS?

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is a warning and support for safe driving that is often equipped on specialized dash cam products. They help a lot in minimizing traffic accidents caused by fatigue and long-distance driving. ADAS uses a combination of sensor technologies to perceive the world around the vehicle, then provide information to the driver or take action when needed.

What is ADAS??

According to statistics from, up to 90% of car accidents are due to the driver’s fault, this number is very controversial on Quora. Although there is debate about the number estimated by the data, most Quora users agree with the issue “Traffic accidents lie largely with the vehicle driver“.

Therefore, to minimize losses, car manufacturers always research and develop safety technology applications on their car models and it is upgraded and changed every year. The most typical is ADAS technology with a series of advanced driver assistance features.

Operating principle of ADAS

Operating principle of ADAS

ADAS works by warning drivers of danger or even taking action to avoid an accident. Vehicles equipped with ADAS can sense their surroundings, process this information quickly and accurately in the computer system, and provide accurate output to the driver.

The ADAS system architecture includes a powerful set of sensors, interfaces, and computer processors that integrate all data and make decisions in real time. These sensors continuously examine the vehicle’s surroundings and provide this information to the vehicle’s onboard ADAS computers for prioritization and action. Today, they are saving lives by preventing accidents that would have happened without ADAS. One day, these technologies will lead to fully autonomous vehicles.

Application of ADAS in Dashcam

Collision warning

By minimizing human error, ADAS systems reduce traffic deaths. It is also said to regulate driving behavior, especially for long-distance or new drivers who are not yet capable of handling complex situations on the road.

Distance warning – CarOn Pro screen

ADAS warning technology includes 5 support functions:

  • Warning when the vehicle in front moves
  • Warning when there is a risk of collision
  • Warning when vehicle encroaches lane
  • Warning of cross-traffic vehicles

Speed ​​warning

This function is part of the technology to read traffic signs, warn and help drivers not exceed the prescribed limit. Many cases of speeding are caused by the driver not seeing traffic signs.

The dash cam system will automatically warn, this helps a lot, important details overlooked on the road are integrated into an extremely convenient device.

Lane departure warning smart

Speed ​​warning – lane departure

Deviating from the lane is a frequent mistake, especially on congested city roads, but if there are traffic police, you will be fined a decent amount of money. The lane departure warning function will emit a preset sound and appear on the screen.

Therefore, the driver can detect lane departure errors immediately and stay in the correct lane, helping to limit collisions and ensure safety for the driver and vehicle.

Timely speeding warning

In addition to speeding warnings using Adas, Caron smart car screens have built-in smart navigation applications such as Navitel and Vietmap that support speed warnings, so drivers can have peace of mind. When traveling, you can limit the risk of being fined for exceeding the speed limit.

Caron Pro smart screen

It can be said that dash cam is an extremely useful tool for drivers when participating in traffic. Not only does it warn about speed, lane, etc., but above all, it also ensures risks during travel. Above is an article about the safety features available on Caron Pro’s dash cam. Hopefully it will help you better understand the operating mechanism and useful features when using Dash Cam!



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