Lynk & Co cooperates with GreenLynk Automotives for distribution in Vietnam

Recently, on August 5, Lynk & Co Automobile International Sales Co.Ltd held a ceremony to announce the official distribution of Lynk & Co in Vietnam with GreenLynk Automotives Joint Stock Company. This is also the first time this unit has established an official cooperative relationship with a genuine distributor in Vietnam.

Lynk & Co is a luxury car brand founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2016 by Volvo and Geely Auto Group – a member unit of Geely Holding (Geely). Developed and created by Geely’s most modern R&D Center based in Sweden, since their launch, Lynk & Co’s car models have made their mark with their strong, minimalist yet still design. no less youthful, dynamic, with European style. Along with applying the highest standards of technology and safety, Lynk & Co’s car models increasingly dominate the market, bringing breakthrough growth to Lynk & Co with accumulated sales of more than 860,000 vehicles. car and 300 global dealers by March 2023. This is good news for Vietnamese consumers, because Lynk & Co is a car brand with beautiful design, modern technology and affordable prices.

One of the highlights of Lynk & Co is its new business model. Instead of selling cars in the traditional way, Lynk & Co allows customers to rent cars for a period of 1 month to 3 years. Customers can also share their car with others through a mobile app.

Lynk & Co’s new business model is expected to help this car brand attract more customers in Vietnam. Especially customers who are young, dynamic and like new things.

Why was GreenLynk “chosen to send gold” to distribute Lynk & Co?

GreenLynk Automotives is an automobile distribution company with many years of experience in Vietnam. The company has distributed luxury car brands such as Volvo, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Signing event between Lynk & Co and GreenLynk Automotives

It is not too difficult to understand why an automobile giant like Geely chose GreenLynk. The reason for this cooperation is because GreenLynk’s major shareholder is Bac Au Auto – a unit that has many years of experience and has been very successful in distributing the luxury car brand Volvo, gradually helping this car company grow. to rank 3rd in sales among luxury car lines in Vietnam in 2022. With the support of Bac Au Auto, GreenLynk has the advantage of Bac Au Auto’s market access strategy and over 8 years of experience. in distributing high-end car models in Vietnam. In addition, with a system of 83 showrooms nationwide in the SVC Holdings ecosystem of which Bac Au Auto is a member, it will also help Lynk & Co distribution maximize resources and accelerate network access. sales and customer care network in regions across the country in 2024.

The cooperation between Lynk & Co and GreenLynk Automotives is an important step in Lynk & Co’s development strategy in the Vietnamese market. With the experience and reputation of GreenLynk Automotives, Lynk & Co can quickly access the Vietnamese market and compete with other luxury car brands.

Potential Lynk & Co cooperates with GreenLynk built an automobile factory in Bac Giang

Lynk & Co does not just stop at distributing cars, but is also likely to accompany GreenLynk to take a big step: building a modern automobile factory in Bac Giang. The signing event between the two sides took place on August 5, with the attendance of senior leaders of Bac Giang province.

As part of its industrial development journey, Bac Giang is scoring outstanding points with the industrial production index (IIP) increasing by 15.4% in the first 5 months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022 (according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment). private). Favorable geographical location, complete transportation infrastructure and long-term industrial development strategy have made Bac Giang an attractive destination for many large corporations such as Samsung, Foxconn, Luxshare, Fulian, Yeada, and Hainan Longi Green Energy Technology Company Limited.

Placing a factory in Vietnam will help Lynk & Co take advantage of the 12 Free Trade Agreements (FTA) that Vietnam has signed with international partners. This not only helps the company import components with preferential taxes for assembly in Vietnam, but also promotes the ability of Vietnamese consumers to have the opportunity to own a car at a more reasonable price. At the same time, the construction of the CKD factory also opens up opportunities to export Lynk & Co cars to countries that have signed FTAs ​​with Vietnam. Therefore, Lynk & Co’s cooperation to develop a CKD factory in Bac Giang is a completely positive future.

It is expected that in October, GreenLynk will launch very popular car models from Lynk & Co, including Lynk & Co 01, Lynk & Co 03, Lynk & Co 05 and Lynk & Co 09. Stay tuned to discover Discover interesting things from a potential “rookie” in the Vietnamese car industry!”

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