Honda City 2023 continuously reduces prices at dealers, nearly reaching the “clearance” price of the old version

One month after officially launching on the market, Honda City 2023 has undergone the second price reduction at dealers. Many consumers are feeling regretful when the preferential price of the old version is close to the ‘clearance’ level while the new version brings many valuable upgrades.

Currently, many dealers are implementing a cash discount program for Honda City 2023 with a preferential amount exceeding 30 million VND, surpassing the previous level of 15 million VND. Not only stopping at cash discounts, car buyers also receive attractive accessory packages and a year of body insurance.

In addition, during this period, car buyers will also enjoy a 50% reduction in registration fees, helping to save from 28-36 million VND depending on the version and locality of purchase.

This special promotion helps the rolling price of Honda City 2023 fluctuate between 580-640 million VND, a negligible difference compared to the ‘clearance’ price of the old version from about 2 months ago.

Some consumers who chose to buy the old version felt a bit regretful, because the price difference was not too much while the new version brought many notable upgrades. Normally, the newly launched Honda City version does not immediately have the current discount.

This shows that the auto market is in a difficult period, especially recently in the month of Ngau – a time when demand for cars often declines strongly. To achieve planned sales, dealers have chosen to stimulate demand with attractive promotions.

Honda City 2023 currently has 3 versions G, L and RS with listed prices from 559 to 609 million VND. Although the vehicle’s appearance has undergone slight changes, significant upgrades are shown in safety equipment and features.

Specifically, the L and RS versions are equipped with disc brakes on the rear wheels, along with the Honda Sensing safety package including 6 advanced features. This is a collision mitigation braking system, automatic adaptive headlights, adaptive cruise control, lane departure mitigation system, lane keeping assist system and front vehicle notification system when departing.

The car’s engine still maintains the i-VTEC 1.5L gasoline engine with 119 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque, combined with a CTV gearbox. In the first 6 months of the year, Honda City ranked 3rd in the segment with sales of 5,194 vehicles, behind Toyota Vios (5,425 vehicles) and Hyundai Accent (7,452 vehicles).

In the same segment, many other car models are also being offered strong incentive programs, such as Toyota Vios with a discount of 55 million, free body insurance, Nissan Almera with a discount of 70 million and Mitsubishi Attrage with support of 100 million. % registration fee and fuel voucher worth 10 million VND.


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