Discover Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition 2023 – The perfect SUV for off-road enthusiasts

Developed on the platform of the 2023 Defender 130 P400 SE, Defender Trophy Edition was born as a unique version, focusing specifically on off-road capabilities.

Unlike any other SUV, Defender Trophy Edition is created with uniqueness and specialness. The number of vehicles produced is limited to only 230 units, of which 220 will go to the US market and 10 will be exclusively for the Canadian market. This is a symbol of rarity and exclusivity. With a starting price of 103,000 USD (about 2.4 billion VND), Defender Trophy Edition becomes much more classy than the standard version, priced from 78,300 USD (about 1.83 billion VND).

The exterior design of the 2023 Defender Trophy Edition truly stands out with the Trophy Edition exterior upgrade package combined with the exclusive Santorini Matte Black paint color. This upgrade package includes roof racks, roof boxes, tow hooks and mudguards on both front and rear. The winding lines on the vehicle’s body are painted solemnly, creating a connection with the harsh terrain of the mountainous areas. Inside, the 2023 Defender Trophy Edition exudes luxury and sophistication with an Ebony leather interior and special badging.

Equipped with a turbocharged 3.0-liter in-line 6-cylinder engine and electric motor, Defender Trophy Edition delivers a powerful capacity of up to 395 horsepower and impressive torque of 550 Nm. The ability to accelerate from 0-96 km/h in 6.3 seconds and a maximum speed of 192 km/h will definitely defeat all challenges on any road.

To make the Defender Trophy Edition more interesting, Land Rover has created a separate off-road racing competition – Defender North American Trophy 2023. Held from October 29 to November 8, 2023, the This race will challenge the player’s driving skills on the dangerous roads of Texas.

The winning team will be awarded a four-day experiential trip to Namibia, South Africa, where they will face the wild Erongo mountains and conquer Spitzcoppe peak.

Land Rover Defender Trophy Edition 2023 is not simply an SUV, but a work of art expressing the desire to overcome all limits of off-road passion.


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