Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era: The ultimate super product from Bugatti Sur Mesure

Chiron Super Sport Golden Era is the most valuable Bugatti of all time, produced with four wheels and outstanding power from a twin-turbo W16 engine.

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era is not simply a supercar, but also a true work of art. Created by Bugatti Sur Mesure – the special customization department of the legendary French car company, this hypercar not only demonstrates ingenuity in design but also shows gratitude to Bugatti’s glorious past.

Design and meaning behind: A feat of sophistication

Chiron Super Sport Golden Era is a symbol of the blend of history and modernity. With over 100 years of development, Bugatti is proud to present a timeless piece – a perfect combination of hand-painted patterns and unique paint colors. Every detail painted on the car is a sophisticated painting, paying tribute to the brand’s iconic models.

Creative and dedicated process: More than 2 years to complete

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era project is not simply the production of a supercar, but also a dedicated creative journey. With an idea set forth by a special customer, Bugatti spent up to 2 years perfecting a work with special meaning – a tribute to Bugatti’s golden memories.

Craftsmanship essence: Satisfaction in every detail

Chiron Super Sport Golden Era is not only a work of exterior, but also a vivid picture of the interior. Hand-painted patterns of iconic Bugatti models stretch across parts of the cabin, creating a space of inspiration and enjoyment. From the driver’s seat to the sunroof, every detail is presented with true sophistication and dedication.

Display and value: Notable Monterey events

Chiron Super Sport Golden Era will be officially presented at Monterey Car Week. Once again, Bugatti proves its unique position and value in the world of supercars. Although the value of this super product has not been revealed, it will certainly far exceed the value of a regular Chiron Super Sport.

If you are looking for a classy work of art combined with outstanding performance, then the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Golden Era is definitely an option not to be missed. Follow Automobile magazine on the website to update the latest details and trends about the world’s supercars.

Source: Auto Pro

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