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Insurance is a product that has high value and brings benefits to users Many outstanding benefits. But not all customers understand insurance, its uses and features. To ensure their best benefits, customers need to carefully understand the type of insurance they want to buy before registering to participate. And Bao Viet insurance consulting service was born to do a good job of helping insurance buyers answer all questions before and when participating in insurance. Let’s learn about the service with IBAOHIEM Bao Viet insurance consultant Go through the article below.

Bao Viet Insurance was born with the mission of bringing health and financial peace of mind to Vietnamese families. Although it was born a long time ago and has gone through many ups and downs, along with the appearance of many new insurance companies, Bao Viet is still a name that brings prestige and satisfaction to insurance users in Vietnam. Not only does Bao Viet provide good insurance products, suitable for each subject and at relatively low costs, Bao Viet also shows its professionalism by owning a team of dedicated and experienced insurance consultants. Help customers understand details about the products they need to buy.

Coming to Bao Viet Insurance, customers will receive dedicated guidance from consultants about the programs, fees and benefits received when participating in insurance. At the same time, the consultant clearly explains questions and provides a lot of useful information about the insurance products that customers are interested in, guides participation procedures and steps to submit claims. usually,…Under the guidance of the service Bao Viet insurance consultant Participants will not have to struggle with complex problems.

Bao Viet insurance consulting

Bao Viet insurance consulting would like to introduce 3 health insurance products that are most trusted by many people: Bao Viet An Gia, Bao Viet Tam Binh, Bao Viet Intercare.

Bao Viet An Gia: This health insurance product is considered very reasonable in both service quality and fees. Flexible participants range from the elderly to young children with a variety of insurance programs. Basic insurance benefits customers receive can be up to 454 million VND, and at the same time, expenses from hospitalization, medical examination, treatment, room fees, hospital bed fees, etc. are covered 24/7 guarantee service. 7 at more than 200 hospitals and clinics distributed throughout the system, customers can feel secure in treatment and enjoy services.

Bao Viet Intercare: with 5 flexibly designed insurance programs including main benefits and many additional benefits, to meet the needs of each subject. Because it is a high-end health insurance product, Bao Viet Intercare has a slightly high fee. The insurance coverage is also expanded in each package from Vietnam to around the world, ensuring that customers’ health is taken care of every step of the way. anytime, anywhere. Bao Viet offers many benefits to participants with an insurance limit of more than 10 billion VND, helping you and your family enjoy the best services at leading medical facilities in Vietnam and the entire region. .

Bao Viet Tam Binh: If you are looking for a good insurance product with low premiums to suit your family’s conditions, Bao Viet Tam Binh is your companion. Not only is the participation program diverse for people from 15 days old to 65 years old, including packages from Basic, Extended, Advanced, Comprehensive, Superior, but the benefits received are also very attractive. Bao Viet Tam Binh comprehensively protects customers with many risks related to illness, maternity, accidents, death and insurance for cancer with a total benefit limit of up to 440 million VND . When unfortunate incidents occur, Bao Viet commits to compensate quickly, accurately and promptly.

Hopefully with the sharing of the system Bao Viet insurance consultant, customers can better understand Bao Viet’s operations as well as the health care process for users. Are you and your family looking for a solution to protect your health and finances? Come to IBAOHIEM – a reputable Bao Viet insurance company that helps customers enjoy life with complete peace of mind.

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After you have learned about the product and you need advice or contact to buy insurance, please do the following:

1/ Method 1: Send support or information via forms on articles or websites.

2/ Method 2: Call or text the hotline number: 0966 490 888 – 02466 569 888 for staff to advise and answer questions.

3/ Method 3: Send request email to mailbox: The content of the request is consulted or answered. Note: please leave your phone number so the consultant can contact you as quickly and conveniently as possible.

4/ Method 4: Send Viber or Zalo message via phone number: 0966 490 888 with the content of needing support or advice.



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