Toyota Philippines has just officially launched the Toyota Hilux GR Sport pickup truck at the TGR Vios Cup 2023 event. This is an answer from the Japanese automaker to its American rival, Ford Ranger Raptor. It is worth noting that this model has been optimized with a larger size, more powerful engine and improved suspension.

Notably, the retail price of the Toyota Hilux GR Sport 2024 in the Philippines is significantly lower than previous rumors and is even cheaper than its rival Ranger Raptor. In the Philippine market, the new Toyota Hilux GR Sport model has a starting price of 2,166 million PHP, equivalent to about 920 million VND.

Although Toyota has not yet announced specific details about the technical specifications of the 2024 Hilux GR Sport, based on the information revealed by the company, it can be seen that the vehicle has a larger overall size and seems more powerful. compared to the regular Hilux version.

The first thing worth noting is that the new Hilux GR Sport uses a wide-body design, a trend that first appeared on the Hilux Rogue last year. The vehicle’s width has increased by 140 mm at the front and 155 mm at the rear. The detailed dimensions of the Hilux GR Sport 2023 are total length 5,320 mm, width 2,020 mm and height 1,880 mm. Compared to the previous GR Sport version, the new model is 120 mm wider and 65 mm taller.

In terms of design, the new Hilux GR Sport carries a wider fender, inspired by the Hilux Dakar racing car. In addition, the car is equipped with a new front bumper design with a characteristic GR grille and the words TOYOTA prominently in the center. These changes are not only aesthetic but also help optimize the Hilux’s aerodynamic performance and better cool the engine.

The company has also upgraded the suspension system of the new Hilux GR Sport to improve handling. In the cockpit, Toyota has maintained the GR Sport’s interior, with details such as black leather seats, red stitching and GR badges on many locations in the cabin.

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