Suzuki Ciaz is having an outstanding discount program at dealers, to promote inventory consumption, plus additional incentives from Suzuki Vietnam.

Suzuki Ciaz is having an unprecedented discount program. This B-size sedan is being offered a discount of up to more than 100 million VND at dealers.

In the light of the information we researched, at a Suzuki showroom in Ho Chi Minh City, the price of the Suzuki Ciaz sedan has been reduced by up to 120 million VND for cars produced in 2022. For cars produced in In 2023, this reduction is 70 million VND.

The salesperson shared that this promotion was recently implemented to promote inventory consumption. The B-size sedan Suzuki Ciaz went through a rather quiet first half of the year in terms of sales. In the first 6 months of 2023, only 14 Suzuki Ciaz were sold on the market.

Suzuki Ciaz experienced a period of discontinuation in the Vietnamese market in November 2021. The reason for this suspension was given by VISUCO, the genuine importer and distributor of Suzuki Ciaz, to upgrade the car model to meet Euro 5 emissions standards. Until April 2022, Suzuki Ciaz has returned to the market with a slight increase in price. Currently, the listed price of the car is at 535 million VND.

Suzuki Ciaz is a completely imported car model from Thailand, so the car does not enjoy registration fee incentives from the government like domestically assembled competitors, such as Toyota Vios. In addition, Suzuki Ciaz only has one version to choose from, not providing much variety for customers. The selling price of 535 million VND is higher than the segment average, which is also one of the reasons contributing to the car’s difficulty in sales.

Regarding the engine, Suzuki Ciaz is equipped with an engine equivalent to competitors in the segment, with a 1.4L engine with a maximum capacity of 91 horsepower and maximum torque of 130 Nm, combined with an automatic transmission. 4 levels.

Currently, Suzuki Vietnam is having special promotional policies for the Ciaz model, including a 0% interest rate incentive for 6 months equivalent to 15 million VND for cars with 2022 VIN numbers, or a free 100 liters of fuel. equivalent to 10 million VND for cars produced in 2023.

Source: Otofun

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