Autonews website confirmed that the day when the new Nissan Kicks entered the market had to be postponed because the Japanese brand had lost an extremely valuable component.

According to a report by Autonews, the launch and production of the new version of Nissan Kicks will face some obstacles due to “inadvertent” reasons.

Specifically, the Aguascalientes factory in Mexico, where the new Nissan Kicks is produced, faced an uninvited visit caused by theft, causing the company to face the loss of some Important components in the production process of new versions. The lack of necessary elements could lead to the new Nissan Kicks having to delay its production schedule by up to 6 months.

Graphic rendering of Nissan Kicks 2024

Previously, Nissan had planned to launch a new version of the Nissan Kicks at the end of the year, and production would start from December 2023. However, the expected time has been delayed until the summer of 2024.

Equipment loss during vehicle production is a rare phenomenon, although not unprecedented, as one supply consultant said in a conversation with Autonews. Loss of equipment can occur during transportation or at other steps in the production process, and the impact of losing critical components in a production line can be severe, causing jam.

The launch of a new version of Nissan Kicks recently encountered many barriers. Before the equipment loss incident occurred, this car line was found to not meet Nissan’s internal safety testing requirements, leading to the company having to postpone the launch for another month and a half.

Current generation Nissan Kicks

In the new version, Nissan Kicks will be larger than ever, and will have the option of full-time four-wheel drive AWD to attract more customers. The car’s design is described as having an SUV style and a more powerful appearance. e-Power hybrid technology, an advantage that Nissan is particularly fond of, may also appear on this small SUV.

Source: Autopro

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