Kia Soul 2024: New design with prices starting from 20,000 USD

Kia Soul 2024 was officially launched with many notable changes, from new design packages to valuable technological improvements. Once again, the Kia Soul demonstrates innovation and adaptability to suit consumer preferences.

Personality and Luxurious Design

The 2024 Kia ​​Soul version brings important additions with new design package Designer Package, especially applicable to the top Soul EX version. This package brings a more powerful and individual appearance with sophisticated 18-inch alloy wheels. Umber furniture is combined from fabric and artificial leather, creating a comfortable and classy space.

Advanced technology

Kia Soul 2024 not only stops at appearance design, but also updates “sleep mode” New for smart key. This mode will automatically activate after 40 seconds when the vehicle is locked, helping to prevent dangers from smart key frequency duplication, ensuring absolute safety for the vehicle and user.

Diverse options, affordable prices

The 2024 Kia ​​Soul offers many different options to fit everyone’s needs and budget. With price starting from under 20,000 USDSoul 2024 becomes one of the most suitable choices for consumers in the US market.\

Although the base version is not equipped with LED lights, privacy glass and 16-inch wheels, the interior still ensures comfort with an automatic air conditioning system, 6-speaker sound system and 8-inch entertainment screen. inch supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Safety features

Kia Soul 2024 not only cares about comfort and design, but also pays special attention to safety. Versions are equipped with advanced safety features such as Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Avoidance Assist, Automatic High Beams and Rear Occupant Warning.

Diverse choices with Kia Soul 2024

From basic versions to high-end versions, Kia Soul 2024 is equipped with engines 2.0L 4 cylinder, producing up to 147 horsepower and maximum torque of 179 Nm. This engine is combined with an intelligent variable transmission, creating a smooth and fuel-efficient driving experience.


Kia Soul 2024 continues to affirm its position in the multi-purpose vehicle segment with the perfect combination of creative design and advanced technology. With affordable prices and diverse options, Kia Soul 2024 will certainly continue to be a “star” in the US car market.

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