Car insurance

Auto insurance is a type of insurance for motor vehicles, such as cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, coaches, etc. Auto insurance can protect you from financial risks when you having a traffic accident, theft, damage, fire, explosion, or natural disaster. This insurance can also protect you from liability when you cause damage to others or their property.

Bao Viet Insurance: Is the oldest insurance enterprise in the Vietnamese market, regularly ranking first in terms of revenue, market share and charter capital in the rankings of insurance companies in Vietnam. The company develops many incentive programs for customers participating in Bao Viet insurance. The company will compensate and pay for physical damage caused by unexpected accidents, beyond the control of the vehicle owner. Insurance fees depend on the customer’s choice and needs.

PVI Oil and Gas Insurance: Is a quite special company, because it was built and developed from the Vietnamese national oil and gas company PVN. PVI car insurance is highly rated on the market and will help customers save a lot of money. The company provides motor vehicle physical insurance packages, civil liability insurance, vehicle occupant accident insurance, theft insurance, natural disaster insurance,…

Bao Minh Insurance: Is one of the leading insurance companies in Vietnam, with a wide distribution network throughout the country. The company offers packages auto insurance comprehensive, civil liability insurance, vehicle occupant accident insurance, theft insurance, natural disaster insurance,…

Liberty Insurance: Is an international insurance company, headquartered in Boston, USA. The company has been present in Vietnam since 2006 and provides high-end car insurance packages, civil liability insurance, passenger accident insurance, theft insurance, etc. The company also has services such as: Payment guarantee service, inspection according to the vehicle owner’s request, no depreciation deduction when replacing new parts.

There are many different types of auto insurance, each with different fees, compensation levels, and terms and conditions. You need to clearly understand your needs and financial capabilities to choose the right car insurance. Some factors to consider when choosing car insurance are:

Vehicle type: Your vehicle type affects the cost and compensation of auto insurance. Normally, the more expensive, newer, and more luxurious the car, the higher the fee and compensation.

Purpose of use: The purpose of using your car also affects the choice of car insurance. If you only use the car for personal use, you can choose basic insurance, including civil liability and passenger accident insurance. If you use a car for business, you should choose comprehensive insurance, including vehicle physical insurance, theft insurance, natural disaster insurance, etc.

Insurance provider: You should choose a reputable, experienced insurance provider with good customer service. You can refer to customer reviews, ratings, and feedback on websites, forums, or social networks. You should also compare insurance packages from different providers to find the most suitable insurance package at the most reasonable price.

Auto insurance can help you protect your property and the health of you and your family when you encounter risks when participating in traffic. You should also read your car insurance contract carefully and comply with the law when driving.

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