Bao Viet Tuyen Quang Company

Bao Viet Tuyen Quang Company – We understand that every individual and business is unique, with different insurance needs. Therefore, we are committed to providing flexible, diverse and suitable solutions to meet all customer expectations. Through each of our products and services, we aim to bring you peace of mind and confidence, so you can focus entirely on your goals and dreams without worrying about them. unwanted risks.

With a team of professional and enthusiastic staff, we are committed to accompanying our customers every step on the path to prosperity and success. Let us be your trusted companion, helping to protect and develop every aspect of your life and business.

Sincerely thank you for your trust and choice. Together, we will build a safe and sustainable future.

Bao Viet Tuyen Quang Company is a member company under Bao Viet Insurance Corporation, officially put into operation in 2004 and whose main business is non-life insurance business. The company’s headquarters address is at No. 427, 17/8 Street, Phan Thiet Ward, Tuyen Quang City, Tuyen Quang.

Bao Viet Tuyen Quang Company is one of the leading businesses in the insurance sector in Vietnam, with an impressive development history and commitment to bringing comprehensive protection solutions to customers. Established in 2004, Bao Viet Tuyen Quang has continuously innovated and developed, building prestige and a solid reputation in the insurance industry.

Bao Viet Tuyen Quang provides a diverse range of insurance products, including life insurance, property insurance, health insurance, auto insurance and many other products to meet the diverse needs of customers. client. The focus on service quality and commitment to prompt payment in the event of a problem has helped Bao Viet Tuyen Quang build trusted relationships with millions of customers across the country.

With a team of high-quality, capable personnel and a strong presence in the market, Bao Viet Tuyen Quang is not only a reliable partner for customers but also an important resource for development. sustainable development of the national economy. At the same time, the company continuously actively contributes to social activities, confirming its role, responsibilities and obligations in the comprehensive development of the community.

Bao Viet Tuyen Quang Company

Bao Viet provides a diverse range of insurance products, meeting the protection needs of both individuals and businesses. Below are some popular insurance products of Bao Viet:

Property insurance:

  • Auto insurance: Bao Viet provides auto insurance products with many options, including civil liability insurance, comprehensive insurance and personal accident insurance.
  • Home insurance: Protect your family’s assets with flexible home insurance packages, including fire, theft and other risks.

Health Insurance:

  • Personal health insurance: Bao Viet provides personal health insurance packages with many different fees and benefits, helping to protect your health and reduce the financial burden when you get sick.
  • Corporate health insurance: For businesses, helps ensure employee health and enhance labor performance.

Travel insurance: International and domestic travel insurance: Ensure safety and protection for your travels with suitable travel insurance products.

Accident Insurance: Personal accident insurance: Bao Viet provides personal accident insurance with compensation benefits in case of accident.

These are just some of Bao Viet’s main products, and the company continuously updates and develops new products to meet the increasingly diverse needs of customers.

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