The mid-life upgraded version of the Audi Q8 has subtle changes in exterior details such as the grille, headlights and taillight system.

Audi has just officially announced the launch of the Q8 2024 version, the event is scheduled to take place on September 5 at the IAA Mobility exhibition in Munich, Germany. At the same time, the car company also revealed a mysterious photo, typical of the upcoming powerful SUV model.

The current generation of Audi Q8 has been available since 2018 and after a long time, this model will continue to be released with an upgraded version. This time, in general, changes such as the headlights and taillights will present a new image, combined with modern technology. The honeycomb-shaped radiator grille has also undergone thorough adjustment. These changes simultaneously create a strong beauty and dynamism for the Audi brand SUV line.

Audi is aiming to shift towards electric vehicles in the last years of this decade. The 2024 Q8 version is expected to be one of the last versions to use an internal combustion engine. In the future, this vehicle line will likely be updated with sophisticated hybrid and electric variants, accompanying the increasingly widespread electric vehicle trend.


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