2024 Ford F-150 Launched With Modern Design, Diverse Technology, Price From 38,565 USD

The 2024 Ford F-150 has advanced significantly with design changes, powerful engines, and more hybrid options.

Ford has refreshed the front of the car to give it a more sophisticated and modern look. The headlights are redesigned with C-shaped LED lights at the corners. The new front bumper combines C-shaped and rectangular details, creating a new look for the 2024 F-150.

In the US market, the 2024 F-150 has a base version of XL, and a Platinum Plus version replaces the Limited version. The base 3.3L V6 engine has been replaced with a 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine, producing 325 horsepower and 544 Nm of maximum torque. The car still has different engine options, including V8, 5.0L, EcoBoost V6 3.5L and hybrid powertrain.

The Raptor R version uses a supercharged 5.2L V8 engine with a capacity of more than 700 horsepower.

The 2024 F-150 is equipped for the first time with an optional head-up display, standard LED headlights, a 12-inch digital clock, and a central touchscreen display. The car also has 10 standard driver assistance systems.

Sync 4 is the operating system, and the BlueCruise version 1.2 self-driving system features hands-free lane changes and improved lane keeping. The exterior camera can display two views simultaneously on the central screen. An exit warning feature is also provided.

The 2024 Ford F-150 has a starting price of 38,565 USD, an increase of 2,090 USD compared to the 2023 version. The fully optioned Raptor R version costs up to 118,590 USD.

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