VinFast Opens First Dealership in Indonesia: An Important Step on the Journey to Conquering the Southeast Asian Market

VinFast, Vietnam’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has officially made its mark in Indonesia with the opening of its first dealership in this market. PT Gallerie Setia Utama Company held an opening ceremony on April 2, 2024, marking an important new step in VinFast’s international expansion strategy.

Important Steps

The opening of a VinFast dealership in Indonesia is considered an important step after the company’s success at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2024 last February. PT Gallerie Setia Utama dealership has been designed with a modern, luxurious design and displays VinFast’s electric car lines, such as VF 5 and VF e34, to meet the growing needs of consumers in Indonesia.

Commitment to Quality and Service

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Chuc, Deputy General Director of VinFast Indonesia, shared his pride with the opening of the first dealership in Indonesia. He emphasized that VinFast’s VF 5 and VF e34 models, with modern designs and suitable for local tastes, promise to open up new opportunities and contribute to the development of the electric vehicle industry in Indonesia. .

Mr. Yance, General Director of PT Gallerie Setia Utama Company, has committed to bringing customers the best experiences when buying and using VinFast cars. Professional staff and modern facilities will ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

After Sales Policy and Service

VinFast not only brings quality products but also commits to ensuring absolute satisfaction and peace of mind for customers in Indonesia. Warranty policy of up to 10 years for VinFast VF e34 model along with free maintenance and battery replacement services are one of the company’s highlights.

Expanding Charging Station System

VinFast also focuses on developing a charging station system in Indonesia to ensure convenience for customers. Establishing V-GREEN Global Charging Station Development Company is a notable step by VinFast in expanding the charging station network in key markets around the world, including Indonesia.

VinFast has been strongly moving into new markets, such as India, Thailand, the Philippines and the Middle East and Africa region, and is building electric vehicle factories in many countries around the world, including There is Indonesia. This proves VinFast’s commitment to global expansion and development.

With the launch of its first dealer in Indonesia and solid commitments, VinFast is affirming its position in the international electric vehicle market and accompanying customers on the journey to transition to clean and sustainable energy. solid.

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