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As the first company to issue insurance contracts in Vietnam in 1996, Bao Viet is now a company with a long history of operation and is increasingly asserting its position in the market. Confident as the leading enterprise in the Vietnamese insurance market today, Bao Viet Insurance always releases convenient and useful insurance packages to the market to meet customers’ tastes. And the article below from IBAOHIEM will accompany you to learn about Buy Bao Viet insurance.

Bao Viet Insurance Company is a Vietnamese state company under the Ministry of Finance. Bao Viet Life Insurance was established on January 15, 1996 and is a subsidiary of Bao Viet Insurance Finance Group, this is the first insurance unit established in the Vietnamese insurance market. Proud to be the top 1 company in the ranking of the best insurance companies in Vietnam, since its establishment, Bao Viet Life Insurance has achieved countless outstanding achievements, including: These include: receiving the government’s emulation flag, a letter of praise from the president, and countless other noble titles.

Buy Bao Viet insurance

Bao Viet Insurance not only receives trust from customers because of its foundation as a company of the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam, but also the diversity of product packages, suitable to needs, and care solutions. Health care and financial optimization for participants. Currently, Bao Viet Insurance products will include 4 main groups:

  • Travel insurance: This is an insurance package that will protect you during your and your family’s travel. When any incident occurs, you will receive support from the insurance package to reduce the financial burden on you and your family in overcoming the consequences of the incident.
  • Accident insurance: This type of insurance covers expenses incurred during treatment and recovery after accidental injury, including travel expenses and recovery fees. function after treatment. And in Vietnam, labor accident insurance is sold in two forms: labor accident insurance and personal accident insurance.
  • Health insurance: This is a type of insurance in case the insured person suffers an injury, accident, illness, disease or health care for which the insurance company pays insurance premiums as agreed in the contract. insurance. Health insurance is also considered a solid financial support for you and your family when encountering risks or accidents.
  • Car physical insurance: This is an optional insurance package when you buy a car but is very necessary because it has the effect of sharing repair costs with the car owner when theft or collision incidents occur. unexpected, unexpected. Depending on each company’s policy, price, etc., the physical insurance package will have different accompanying services. Depending on their financial ability as well as their travel environment, the buyer should consider choosing the package for them. Fit.

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Hopefully IBAOHIEM’s above article can answer your questions Buy Bao Viet insurance.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Insurance

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