Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance

Nowadays, participating in insurance products is indispensable for every individual, family, and business. In the current situation of continuous fires and explosions in apartment buildings, companies, businesses, etc., buying fire and explosion insurance is extremely necessary. And understanding customers’ need for comprehensive home protection, Bao Viet designs products Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance. Join IBAOHIEM to learn details about this product.

Fire and explosion insurance is a type of insurance contract in which the policyholder will be compensated for property losses arising from fire and explosion. This type of insurance covers compensation for the costs of repairing, restoring, rebuilding or replacing property damaged by fire or explosion. Typically, fire insurance also includes insurance for natural disasters and other risks such as loss due to theft, depending on the terms of each insurance contract. Buying fire insurance helps insurance buyers feel more secure in protecting their assets from unwanted risks that may occur.

Bao Viet Fire and Explosion Insurance applies insurance to apartment buildings, factories, warehouses, hospitals, manufacturing plants, shopping centers,… applicable to all areas where you want to buy fire and explosion insurance. . Subjects covered by compulsory fire and explosion insurance are all assets of the facility that are at risk of fire and explosion, including:

– Houses, buildings and assets attached to houses and buildings; devices.

– All types of goods and supplies (including raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products).

Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance

Customers participating in Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance, customers have access to 3 types of insurance: compulsory fire and explosion insurance, fire and explosion insurance and special risks and all-risk insurance.

Firstly, with compulsory fire and explosion insurance, the subjects who must buy compulsory fire and explosion insurance are agencies, organizations and individuals whose premises are at risk of fire and explosion according to the provisions of fire prevention law. and firefighting. This is a type of insurance that owners of apartments at risk of fire and explosion must participate in according to regulations on fire prevention and fighting based on Decree 23/1018/ND-CP amended and supplemented in Decree 97. /2021/ND-CP.

Second, with fire and explosion insurance and special risks, you are covered for extended risks due to:

Ah, Fire

  • B) Explosion
  • C) The plane crashed
  • D) Causing disturbances, civil unrest, strikes and lockouts
  • E) Earthquake
  • F) Thunderstorm
  • G) Storms and floods
  • H) Breakage or water overflow
  • I) Vehicle collision
  • J) Unexpected water leak from the automatic sprinter system

In addition to Fire and explosion, which are the basic risks required to participate, customers can choose to participate in the remaining risks and choose many other risks.

Third, with all-risk insurance, this is the most extensive insurance program, helping to protect the comprehensive interests of businesses against all unexpected losses of insured assets (including theft risks). robbery), except for property and damage excluded by the application.

Bao Viet’s fire and explosion insurance premium is quite low, but it also ensures your rights and property protection, with the fee calculated at the rate of premium X amount of insurance. For example, for mandatory fire and explosion insurance, the insurance fee/year for apartments with automatic fire protection systems (sprinkler) will be calculated as 0.05%; For apartments without automatic fire protection systems (sprinkler), it will be calculated as 0.1%.

Hopefully through this article, IBAOHIEM has helped you gain more information Bao Viet fire and explosion insurance.

Learn product details here: Fire and explosion insurance for private homes

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