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Life insurance – one of the important tools to ensure the financial future of you and your family. In today’s modern society, nothing is more important than protecting the health and economic stability of yourself and your loved ones. On this journey, Bao Viet is a reliable companion. With many years of experience in the life insurance industry, Bao Viet has been building trust from millions of customers. Let’s learn about the product with IBAOHIEM Bao Viet’s life insurance Go through the article below.

Life insurance is a form of insurance intended to protect participants’ finances in the event of an unfortunate event such as illness, accident or death. This is one of the preventive solutions to help families reduce the financial burden and costs incurred when an accident occurs.

Insured members can receive care and treatment at leading medical facilities across the country and outside the region.

In addition to protecting your body and finances, Bao Viet life insurance is also an effective form of savings. Instead of buying gold, silver, saving money in banks, etc. with many risks when the market fluctuates up and down, when investing in life insurance you will have to have reasonable spending plans to enjoy the benefits. Full benefits, thereby helping you live more economically and disciplined.

Life insurance is a form of building a fund to accumulate in old age. Customers can receive a financial sum when they get old if they participate in some life insurance products from a young age.

Life insurance also helps families invest in their children’s future. Many life insurance products today are educational in nature and will help ensure financial security for your children entering big turning points such as university, studying abroad, starting a career, etc.

Bao Viet Life Insurance

An Khang Happiness: An Khang Hanh Phuc life insurance product is a reliable companion who is always by your side and your family on the long journey of life. This insurance product includes 3 basic programs: Basic, Advanced and Premium for people from 0 years old to 65 years old and the maximum protection period is lifetime. The premium payment term is flexible with 6 milestones that customers can choose from: paying premiums for 10, 15, 20 years or paying premiums until the insured person reaches 55, 60, 65 years old.

By participating in An Khang Hanh Phuc insurance, customers will enjoy the best medical care services with coverage for hospital, surgery and emergency fees up to 2 billion VND. At the same time, An Khang Hanh Phuc Insurance accepts insurance in cases of accidental death and injury up to 15 billion VND. The wire is also considered a super protective shield of up to 2.5 billion VND against various stages of cancer, stroke, and myocardial infarction. An Khang Hanh Phuc helps people become financially stable and enjoy a comfortable retirement with many bonus benefits and committed investment accumulation.

An Phat Cat Tuong: With a comprehensive integration of 12 protection, accumulation and investment benefits (death insurance benefits, serious disability benefits due to accidents, terminal poverty insurance benefits, advanced benefits, …) in a single contract helps simplify participation procedures and customers enjoy many benefits. Of which, cancer/sudden death insurance benefits are up to 2.5 billion VND; Accidental death insurance benefits up to 15 billion VND and medical care benefits up to 2 billion VND for hospitalization and surgery benefits.

An Phat Cat Tuong product is a flexible and superior financial solution suitable for many different ages from 0-65 years old. The premium payment term is also flexible with options such as paying the premium for 5 years or the insurance period (10, 15, or 20) and you can also pay the premium once only.

Above are 2 products Bao Viet’s life insurance with many attractive benefits that are highly appreciated by many people. Customers can refer to the above two insurance product packages to protect and invest effectively for their loved ones and family.

The above article has helped people better understand Bao Viet’s life insurance and its benefits. So where should customers look to buy life insurance to receive detailed advice and participate in insurance most successfully? Come to IBAOHIEM with many high-quality life insurance products and attentive, enthusiastic service that will bring customers the most satisfaction.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Life Insurance

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