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In recent years, on average each year there have been more than 2,200 fires nationwide, causing thousands of billions of dong in property damage and many deaths and injuries. Faced with the alarming situation of very serious fires and explosions today, leaving many serious consequences for human life and property. It can be said that participating in insurance in general and fire insurance in particular is not simply a responsibility but also directly related to human life and property. What benefits does participating in fire protection insurance bring? Join IBAOHIEM to learn about Fire insurance premiums Please.

Fire protection insurance is a type of insurance that organizations, businesses or individuals can buy to ensure the protection of property and people in case of fire. Fire protection insurance includes the cost of fire prevention, fire fighting and other costs related to handling the consequences after a fire.

When buying fire insurance, the buyer will pay a certain fee to the insurance company. In case of fire or explosion, the insurance company will compensate the buyer for the costs of fire prevention and fighting and other costs related to overcoming the consequences of the fire. However, compensation costs depend on the level of damage caused by the fire and the value of the insured property.

When you buy mandatory fire protection insurance for your property, you will receive many benefits and benefits from this insurance package. When an insurance event occurs, you will be paid property insurance:

– For assets in insured premises, the company will insure for causes caused by fire, explosion, gas, and gas for domestic purposes; aircraft, aviation vehicles, and equipment on these vehicles falling onto property; thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods; water pipes, water overflow from water tanks or automatic fire extinguishing systems, damage caused by collisions with vehicles and animals… or other events as agreed upon by the insured parties.

The insurance buyer can agree with the insurance company on one of the following forms of compensation: repair of damaged property; Replace damaged property with other property and pay compensation.

– Corresponding to the agreed form of compensation, when a loss occurs, the insured will be compensated by the insurance company for the costs of restoring damaged property due to the occurrence of the insured event. ; costs of repairing damage to property; along with reasonable costs to be able to pay for related expenses. In case recovery is not possible, the cost to buy back the property has a value equivalent to the time the insured event occurs, corresponding to the agreed insurance premium.

Compulsory fire and explosion insurance premiums are specified in Section I, Appendix I issued with Decree 97/2021/ND-CP (replacing Appendix II issued with Decree 23/2018/ND-CP) . With the fee calculated as the ratio of premium X amount of insurance, for example, for apartments with automatic fire protection systems (sprinkler) it will be calculated as 0.05%; For apartments without automatic fire protection systems (sprinkler), it will be calculated as 0.1%. In addition to fire and explosion, which are the basic risks required to participate, customers can choose to participate in the remaining risks and choose many other risks.

For fire and all-risk insurance, the fee will depend on the scope of insurance and the insurance program that the customer chooses. The insurance company will design different insurance packages and fees depending on the insurance rate. Fees are set by insurance companies.

Above is some advice about Fire insurance premiums. If you do not know where to buy fire insurance premiums or need more detailed advice on fire insurance premium regulations, please contact IBAOHIEM to get your questions answered.

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