PVI retirement

Accumulating and investing long-term in the future is the goal that many people aim for in life. We always consider and plan specific financial plans so that we can feel secure while working and prepare for future financial needs. To achieve that goal, and at the same time make the accumulation process more effective, many people have chosen to participate in life insurance with a pension insurance program to quickly have an effective plan to save money. Accumulate and invest long-term for the future. And currently there are many different insurance brands providing this retirement insurance program, among them is the PVI brand. Therefore, please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to better understand the product PVI retirement What are the benefits and values, how long is the contract period, and how is the participation fee calculated?

PVI pension insurance is an insurance product designed by PVI Sun Life Insurance Company Limited, an insurance company established in 2013 between PVI and Sun Life Financial Group. Thus, PVI pension insurance is an insurance program of the life insurance type, meaning you pay periodically for an insurance sum and accumulate the insurance value over time, when it expires. At the end of the contract, you will receive this money back, including additional profits. This will help you enjoy an independent old age, a retirement future with a stable and peaceful financial fund.

PVI retirement

PVI Sun Life pension is a smart and attractive financial choice for customers, offering many valuable preferential benefits. This is not only a plan to ensure future retirement, but also a reliable solution to protect finances in the present, and an effective profit channel in the future for customers;

When reaching retirement age, after the accumulation process, customers will receive periodic retirement payments for the next 15 years from PVI Sun Life. The special thing is that this retirement account continues to earn regular profits every year, giving customers peace of mind and peace of mind about their ability to continue to maintain a bright life after retirement;

In addition to the benefits for the future, right from the time they join PVI retirement life insurance, customers also enjoy special insurance benefits in the event of the insured’s death or permanent total disability. In the future, PVI Sun Life will ensure financial support for family and relatives.

If you have any questions about insurance benefits, specific incentives, annual profit levels, insurance term, or participation fees for each specific retirement program, you can contact us. We at IBAOHIEM use the hotline to receive quick and accurate support from a team of professional insurance consultants. With a transparent insurance participation policy, quick procedures, diverse participation methods, high security, professional after-sales customer care… we are committed to bringing you insurance services. The best, the most superior.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you answer questions surrounding the product PVI retirement

Learn product details here: PVI Insurance

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