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Bao Viet auto insurance will support repair costs if the vehicle suddenly has a problem while moving. However, in what cases does this insurance package pay insurance benefits? Should I Buy Bao Viet auto insurance or not? Let’s find out details with IBAOHIEM in the article below.

Car physical insurance is a form of voluntary insurance, but it is very necessary because it can help car owners reduce financial burdens if they encounter unfortunate cases such as theft or theft. Unintended accident.

Job Buy Bao Viet auto insurance plays an important role in protecting the body and machinery of the car. When an incident occurs, Bao Viet will support payments and offset costs to fix damages such as dents, scratches, fires, explosions, thefts, etc.

Bao Viet compensates for material damage caused by natural disasters and unforeseen accidents. Specifically in the following cases:

  • Collision, overturning, falling, sinking, shifting the center of gravity, falling the entire vehicle;
  • Falling or colliding with other objects from outside;
  • Fire, conflagration, explosion;
  • Total vehicle theft due to theft or robbery;
  • Force majeure disasters caused by nature;

In addition to the compensation amount, Bao Viet also compensates the car owner for necessary and reasonable expenses as agreed in the Insurance Contract to perform the work as requested and instructed by Bao Viet when a loss occurs. (under the scope of insurance), including the following costs:

  • The cost of rescuing and transporting the damaged vehicle to the nearest repair place must not exceed 10% of the vehicle’s insurance amount.
  • Prevention costs limit further losses.
Buy Bao Viet auto insurance

Compensation for partial loss

Bao Viet is responsible for paying the actual costs to repair, replace (if unable to repair) the damaged part, or pay the vehicle owner to compensate for the loss on the basis of determining the repair cost. Repair and overcome losses payable after applying deductions and deductions (if any);

Compensation for total loss

Bao Viet compensates for total loss in case the vehicle has actual damage of over 75% of the vehicle’s market value or repair costs for damage of over 75% of the vehicle’s market value at the time the loss occurred;

Bao Viet is responsible for compensating for all lost or stolen vehicles upon conclusion of the police agency;

The total loss compensation amount is equal to the market value of the vehicle at the time the loss occurred and does not exceed the amount stated on the Insurance Certificate/Insurance Contract.

Compensation records include one or more types of documents:

  • Documents provided by the insurance buyer (vehicle owner);
  • Documents proving property damage;
  • Documents were collected by Bao Viet in coordination with the vehicle owner

One of Bao Viet’s long-standing units specializing in providing and distributing all types of insurance that customers can refer to is IBAOHIEM. A team of enthusiastic consultants with high professional qualifications and attractive incentives for new customers are the factors that help customers own Bao Viet’s insurance programs in the fastest time.

Hopefully with the information shared about the work Buy Bao Viet auto insurance of IBAOHIEM, customers can better understand the product as well as more easily make purchasing decisions.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet auto insurance

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