PVI personal accident insurance rules

PVI’s personal accident insurance is not simply a cash payment when an accident occurs, but also brings care and attention to the customer’s health situation through support services. health insurance program. In other words, when participating in this accident insurance program, we will receive financial support to pay medical, surgical and other costs related to recovery after an accident. PVI insurance company. However, to enjoy those insurance benefits quickly and validly, the customer or insured person needs to meet the conditions clearly stated in the policy. PVI personal accident insurance rules. To better understand the role of rules, information, and issues that need attention in this set of insurance rules, please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below!

Insurance rules, also known as insurance terms, are the terms, conditions, and detailed regulations that insurance participants and insurance companies need to follow to properly exercise their rights and obligations. services under the concluded insurance contract. Accordingly, it can be understood PVI personal accident insurance rules are the principles and terms established between PVI and insurance customers. Normally, PVI will provide a set of sample rules. If the customer has other needs and conditions, these rules will be changed and established based on the agreement between the voluntary will of both parties.

PVI personal accident insurance rules

Accident insurance rules will include content and terms closely related to the insured object, and usually this rule will include issues regulating:

Insured subjects are Vietnamese citizens and foreigners living legally in Vietnam from 01 to 70 years old and do not fall under health exclusions;

The scope of insurance is throughout the entire territory of Vietnam, meaning that regardless of time or location within Vietnam, customers will receive compensation and payments from PVI;

Insurance coverage is for unwanted events and accidents that lead to temporary disability, permanent partial disability or death for the insured person in the contract;

Insurance compensation amount – is understood as the maximum amount of money that the customer will receive when participating in insurance, this amount will be freely chosen by the customer during the process of entering into the contract;

Insurance compensation period is specified within 15 days from receipt of valid claim documents from the customer;

Special PVI personal accident insurance rules There are also regulations on the components of documents and records when customers participate in insurance, make insurance claims, or make insurance complaints – this helps customers and PVI easily grasp information and documents. which two shall hold, be possessed;

The scope of insurance exclusion is cases where the customer does not receive compensation from PVI even though it is still within the insurance period such as: the insured intentionally causes injury; The insured person violates the law and must receive a criminal sentence; violating traffic safety regulations, etc.;

In addition, the rules also mention information about: insurance premiums, regulations on time, validity, insurance waiting period, rights and obligations of the parties, regulations on proper liquidation. contract, insurance renewal,…

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