Bao Viet Life Insurance Company

Current insurance products not only ensure financial security but can also be an effective investment vehicle and an opportunity to accumulate assets for the future for customers during the participation process. With such attractive functions and benefits, these products have received considerable attraction and attention and received many high ratings from customers. That is also the main function and characteristics of life insurance products being provided in the insurance market. And currently there are many insurance brands issuing and designing this product such as MIC, PVI, PJICO, Bao Minh,… especially, it is impossible not to mention Bao Viet Life Insurance Company. Therefore, to learn more about this insurance brand as well as the role and benefits of the insurance products that Bao Viet Life is providing, please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below!

Bao Viet Life Insurance Company is one of 18 life insurance companies in our country’s insurance market today, and this is also the only insurance enterprise representing Vietnamese people. And in August 1996, Bao Viet launched the first life insurance products in the Vietnamese market, marking the beginning of a promising development journey of the life insurance business. Taking advantage of the outstanding advantages of a pioneering insurer, Bao Viet Life has deeply understood the market and grasped the needs and desires of Vietnamese people. From financial requirements, health concerns to planning for the future, Bao Viet is constantly innovating and developing further to bring effective protection and investment solutions. for every customer segment when participating.

Bao Viet Life Insurance Company

Through a journey of nearly 30 years of development accompanying customers, Bao Viet Life Insurance Company has provided more than 50 diverse life insurance products, meeting every aspect of each participant’s desire for protection and financial investment needs. These products can be classified into groups such as:

Protection Group: Products in this group focus on the financial protection and safety of families and participants in the event of unexpected events such as serious illness, accident, or death. ;

Investment group: Products in this group focus on the ability to accumulate finance over a long period of time through investing money quarterly or annually, then when the contract matures, customers will receive the principal and profit share;

Accumulation group: Products in this group mainly focus on accumulating a sum of money over a long period of time, to ensure the safety of customers’ finances during the insurance process;

Retirement group: This group focuses on ensuring a stable and sustainable source of income after retirement, helping you maintain a comfortable and leisurely life when you reach retirement age as agreed in the contract;

In particular, Bao Viet also has a program for businesses, helping businesses establish funds, welfare benefits, and remuneration for their staff.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you gain more useful and necessary information about Bao Viet Life Insurance Company.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Life Insurance

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