Which organization buys insurance for tourists?

Currently, although the insurance programs offered on the market are extremely diverse such as health insurance, accident insurance, motor vehicle insurance, liability insurance, property insurance, etc., they are all classified into There are two main types of insurance: compulsory insurance and voluntary insurance. Accordingly, voluntary insurance programs will be participated in according to customers’ optional needs, and if not participating in compulsory insurance, subjects will be punished according to the provisions of law. Besides, travel insurance is also an insurance program that is receiving a lot of research and attention from customers as the travel needs of our country’s people are increasing day by day. So is travel insurance a type of compulsory insurance or travel insurance? Which organization buys insurance for tourists?? Or is this product for customers who are organizations or individuals? How much is the insurance premium? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to find the answer to that problem!

Traveler insurance is a form of insurance designed to protect tourists during their travel journey. This product provides compensation and benefits to customers in the event of unexpected incidents such as accident, illness, loss of luggage, transportation problems, or trip cancellation, loss Cooling travel documents, compensating for medical expenses incurred, etc. And this product is currently divided into two main types: domestic travel insurance whose coverage is the entire Vietnamese territory. South, and domestic travel insurance coverage is worldwide except Vietnam. In particular, when you have a need or intention to travel to some countries such as Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, some countries in the Schengen area, etc., you must participate in international travel insurance to apply. issue a valid visa.

In essence, insurance for tourists or travel insurance is a type of voluntary insurance, except for some cases where participation is mandatory, including the case of organizations and businesses providing tourism services. Travel and tourism or organizing tours for customers are required to buy travel insurance for their customers, based on Point dd, Clause 1, Article 37 of the 2017 Law on Tourism. Thus, the answer to the problem is infected Which organization buys insurance for tourists? These are travel and tourism service companies, except in cases where the tourist already has insurance for the entire tour program, then the business will not need to participate in insurance for that customer.

Travel insurance fees depend on many different factors including: product supply fees according to the business regulations of each insurance company, the insurance program the customer chooses to participate in, and other additional agreements. , number of travel days or promotions applied on fees, etc. For example, if you choose to buy Bao Viet international travel insurance with a premium insurance package called the Diamond package, you will receive benefits Maximum insurance is 120,000 USD/EUR/person with a fee of 300,000 VND/person for a 3-day trip, 530,000 VND for a trip lasting 7-10 days.

Therefore, to better understand insurance programs and specific participation fees, you can contact us at IBAOHIEM – one of the leading reputable addresses specializing in distributing and providing designed products. from Bao Viet, PVI, MIC, VBI, PTI,…committed to bringing you the best and safest insurance services when participating.

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