Accident insurance for PVI electricity users

Electricity has become an indispensable part of modern life, bringing many conveniences and making life richer and more lively. However, if not used properly, electricity can also cause potential risks and dangers to human life, body and property. And this is one of those unexpected accidents that can happen at any time, any time in life. This has made many people worry about safety as well as possible financial costs. can arise when risks occur. To reduce that worry, many people choose to buy Accident insurance for PVI electricity users for timely and comprehensive protection. So is this product released by PVI good? What benefits does it bring? Does it pay for other accident cases? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to find answers to the above problems!

Accident insurance for PVI electricity users is an insurance program designed by PVI insurance brand – one of the leading insurance brands, and ranked among the most prestigious insurers in the insurance market today. This insurance program has the function of supporting and paying reasonable and necessary financial amounts to insured customers when they unfortunately encounter risks and incidents that arise during the use of electricity.

Accident insurance for PVI electricity users

There are many unpredictable causes of risks when using electricity, which can be common situations such as: wall plaster touching electrical wires, tripping over exposed electrical wires, direct contact with electricity. Electrical objects that are not known to be leaking electricity, or are located near a transformer station or high-voltage grid. In addition, not using protective support tools when checking electrical equipment or swimming in electrified lakes is also the cause of these accidents…

If we are gentle, we will suffer additional injuries, but if we fall into severe cases, the victim will not only suffer physical harm but will also have to undergo surgery to remove severely injured muscles/flesh. ,…in these cases a card Accident insurance for PVI electricity users will help you get a quick and necessary financial sum for treatment, health recovery, and quickly stabilize your daily life;

Besides, with this accident insurance card you can visit any medical facility without having to worry about geographical distance, or hospital costs incurred because PVI will commit to paying. within 15 working days from receipt of valid claim documents from the customer;

In addition, to create the most convenient conditions for customers to participate, as well as help customers have diversity and flexibility in the product selection process, the fee for this product is calculated according to a percentage of the number of customers. The insurance amount that the customer has chosen when entering into an insurance contract. Therefore, this percentage may change when the number of participating customers is large, PVI can apply additional fee reduction programs while the benefits are still as attractive.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you visualize the product more clearly Accident insurance for PVI electricity users.

Learn product details here: PVI accident insurance

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