Which international travel insurance package should I buy?

Travel provides the opportunity to explore new places, experience the culture, history and daily life of other communities. Through interacting with local people, we learn their unique values, customs, practices and way of life. Or through each trip, we will reduce stress and recharge with new positive energy to realize our plans and dreams. And nowadays, the need to explore and learn about the world is not only limited domestically, but people’s travel needs are increasingly expanding internationally. Besides, to make a trip more complete and to quickly handle unfortunate risks of damage faced during travel, many people choose to buy international travel insurance. So is international travel insurance good? Which international travel insurance package should I buy? Is the insurance premium expensive? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing articles below to answer those questions!

International travel insurance is a type of non-life insurance, with the main goal of ensuring protection and safety for customers on each long-distance journey, trips to new locations anywhere. anywhere internationally. By ensuring the insurance company helps pay part or all of the damage costs arising during the trip according to the conditions in the contract, international travel insurance will help you easily handle problems. Risks, whether they are health, property, or a trip that goes wrong.

Which international travel insurance package should I buy?

International travel insurance brings many benefits and rights to customers during the participation process and some main insurance benefits can be mentioned such as:

Medical protection: This product ensures that in case the customer gets sick, has an accident or any medical incident during the trip, the customer will receive financial support to cover hospital expenses. necessary medical care and fees;

Emergency protection: In case of emergency such as lost documents, luggage, flight cancellation or delay, this product provides financial support to help customers handle the situation conveniently;

Flight protection: If you encounter flight problems, such as flight cancellation or delay, this product will support customers facing these situations with timely compensation fees;

And especially, in some special cases to be granted a valid visa to some countries such as Russia, Canada, Korea, Japan, Schengen countries, etc., you need to participate in travel insurance. international travel must be eligible for a valid visa.

Currently, there are many insurance brands providing international travel insurance products such as Bao Viet, PVI, VNI, Bao Minh, MIC, Liberty,…, and for each business this product will be designed into Different insurance packages have additional terms depending on the customer’s choice during the participation process. Therefore, to answer the question Which international travel insurance package should I buy? It is necessary to base on the needs, existing financial level, and how long each customer’s travel plan lasts, whether traveling within a territory or between different territories. Therefore, to get more detailed information about each insurance program of different insurance brands, specific fees of insurance products, you can contact us at IBAOHIEM via hotline to receive information. Get the fastest and most accurate support and compensation from a team of professional consultants.

Hopefully with the above answers IBAOHIEM has helped you find answers to your problems Which international travel insurance package should I buy?

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