Compulsory insurance for Bao Viet cars

With the rapid development of means of transportation and the mushrooming of cars, ensuring safety when participating in traffic has become more important than ever. Compulsory auto insurance is one of the important and indispensable elements in modern life. Designed to protect car owners from potential risks, Bao Viet compulsory auto insurance Brings peace of mind and absolute safety to both drivers and pedestrians. Let’s learn about this type of car insurance with IBAOHIEM through the article below.

This is a type of compulsory car insurance regulated by the state to provide safety when participating in traffic for both car owners and people on the road. Participating in compulsory auto insurance is a safe and effective measure to protect people and vehicles in case of an accident. The insurance company owner will compensate when there is physical, life and property damage to a third party caused by a motor vehicle.

While participating in traffic, if the driver does not have mandatory auto insurance or the auto insurance has expired, the traffic police will be fined from 400,000 – 600,000 VND.

Compulsory auto insurance, also known as civil liability insurance, only covers injuries or damages caused to third parties, not to the driver or the vehicle owner’s property.

Compulsory insurance for Bao Viet cars

When participating in traffic, accidents are something no one wants and cannot predict. The consequences of accidental collisions can lead to many long-term consequences and sequelae, both human and material. In fact, there are many cases where car owners cause accidents but cannot afford to pay compensation to third parties, causing many deadlocks and affecting social security. Bao Viet compulsory auto insurance resolved this problem by paying the car owner part of the compensation cost.

Many car users today often do not take full advantage of the benefits of mandatory auto insurance. With only a very low cost of 480,000 VND for non-transportation vehicles such as cars with less than 6 seats or vehicles that transport both people and goods, you can own a mandatory civil liability insurance card. Or with only 831,000 VND, owners of transport cars can buy insurance for vehicles with less than 6 seats. When incidents occur, the insurance company will help customers pay compensation for human damage of 150,000,000 VND/person/case, and for property damage of 100,000,000 VND/case.

The term of this type of insurance lasts 1 year, however in special cases the insurance term will last less than 1 year. Insurance takes effect when the car owner pays the insurance premium and the time specified on the insurance certificate.

This type of compulsory civil liability insurance is a safe and effective solution to ensure safety and social security. Compulsory auto insurance has humane meaning when it comes to providing timely support to traffic accident victims, while reducing the pressure and burden on car owners in situations where they cannot afford compensation.

Recognizing the importance of compulsory civil liability insurance, car owners should consciously comply with State regulations on ensuring traffic safety when proactively participating in compulsory auto insurance. So customers should look to buy Bao Viet compulsory auto insurance At what facility? Come to IBAOHIEM to receive support from a team of enthusiastic and professional consultants.

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