The 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser will arrive in the European market with a 2.8L turbodiesel engine producing a maximum capacity of 201 horsepower, while the mild-hybrid version will launch later in 2025.

After the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser was officially introduced in the US market, detailed information about the new Land Cruiser model for the European market and some international markets was also announced. The car will be sold in several markets under the name Land Cruiser Prado, including the Australian market.

The new Land Cruiser models sold in Europe are very similar to those that will be offered in the US. This luxury off-road vehicle is developed based on Toyota’s GA-F platform. Toyota notes that the new frame is 50% stiffer than that of the previous generation model, and this combined with the new platform, delivers better off-road performance as well as improved on-road handling school.

Many other features help increase the appeal of the new Land Cruiser. For example, it comes with electric power steering that promises to reduce jerking on rough surfaces, while also providing a smoother feel. In addition, Toyota has also added the Lane Keeping Assist feature to the Safety Sense active safety and driver assistance system.

Although Toyota has not yet announced powertrain details for each specific market, the company said the model will launch in Europe with a 2.8L turbodiesel engine. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 201 horsepower and is connected to an eight-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission. While 201 horsepower may not seem like much for a vehicle this large, Toyota has confirmed that the new Land Cruiser can tow up to 3,500 kg.

Toyota has also revealed that in early 2025, an electrified powertrain combining a diesel engine with a 48-volt mild-hybrid system will be added to the new Land Cruiser’s product line range.

On the surface, two different versions of the new Land Cruiser will be sold in Europe with differently designed fronts. Similar to the US, one version will have simple round headlights, while the other will have rectangular headlights that look more premium.

However, unlike in the US, the model with circular LED headlights will not be the base version and will instead be a limited ‘First Edition’, produced in a run of just 3,000 units. .

Currently, information about the price of the Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 European and international versions has not yet been confirmed.

Source: Auto Daily

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