Suzuki Ciaz has a record reduction of 120 million VND, the actual price is cheaper than the i10 and Morning high-end versions

The dealer is offering a shock discount of 120 million VND for customers who buy the Suzuki Ciaz 2022. There are places offering the car for sale for 415 million VND – the lowest price ever.

Recently, at a Suzuki dealership in the Central region, a black Ciaz car, manufactured in 2022, appeared for sale at a price of 415 million VND. It is worth noting that this price has decreased by 119.9 million VND compared to the original price of 534.9 million VND. The dealer informs that this offer only applies to one vehicle. Meanwhile, a dealer in Lam Dong also applied a discount of 70 million VND for the Ciaz of the same year of production, making the actual price only 464.9 million VND.

Suzuki Ciaz is falling deeply in Vietnam.

The lower price of Suzuki Ciaz (415 million VND) is even comparable to the most advanced versions of Kia Morning (439 million VND) and Hyundai Grand i10 (455 million VND). However, it should be noted that this promotion is an initiative of individual dealers. Suzuki Vietnam Company also offers a 0% interest rate incentive for 6 months for Ciaz manufactured in 2022, with an estimated benefit value of up to 15 million VND. With the 2023 version, Suzuki offers a fuel voucher worth 100 liters, equivalent to 10 million VND. However, because the Suzuki Ciaz is imported from Thailand, the Government’s 50% registration fee preferential policy does not apply.

Not only Ciaz, Suzuki Vietnam’s product range is experiencing deep discounts. For example, the Ertiga Hybrid AT model produced in 2022 has been reduced by 100 million VND, while the XL7 model produced in 2022 has been reduced by 70 million VND at dealers.

The application of deep discount programs is chosen by auto dealers as a measure in a situation where the economy is experiencing recession, inflation and consumer interest rates are increasing. In the B-size sedan segment, the Nissan Almera model is also offering a discount of 80 million VND, while the Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent and Honda City models have smaller discounts, but at the same time enjoy incentives from the Government. .

The current Suzuki Ciaz on the Vietnamese market is an upgraded version (facelift) in the middle of the product life cycle, first launched in 2020. At the beginning of 2022, this model has undergone some minor design changes. Appearance design, including a set of sports stamps on the vehicle’s wings. However, other exterior equipment is still maintained such as LED lights and 16-inch multi-spoke wheels. The car model is also equipped with heat-insulating film right at the factory.

In the interior compartment, Suzuki Ciaz is equipped with a 9-inch Android screen. This Android screen offers high customization capabilities, combined with Vietmap’s front and rear dash camera system, built into the vehicle. This dash cam system has lane departure warning features, reminds the distance between the vehicle in front, warns of traffic situation and distance to the vehicle in front. In addition, other notable features include push-button start system, automatic air conditioning system, leather seats…

The car’s engine is still the 1.4L version, producing 91 horsepower and 130 Nm of torque, combined with a 4-speed automatic transmission. However, some equipment shortcomings are still a point that many people complain about, including the lack of an electronic stability system and only 2 front airbags.

Compared to competitors in the same segment, the electronic stability system has become standard, and at the same time, more advanced safety technologies have appeared such as panoramic camera systems, blind spot warnings, and traffic warnings. Rear cross-section, brake system

Suzuki Ciaz is regularly in the Top 10 slow-selling cars every month in Vietnam, even with zero sales in many months. In the first half of 2023, Suzuki Ciaz achieved sales of 14 cars, much lower than Hyundai Accent (7,452 cars). ), Toyota Vios (5,425 vehicles) and Honda City (5,194 vehicles).

Source: Auto Pro

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