What is blind spot? BSM blind spot warning system

Blind spots appear on the car, obscuring the driver’s vision, which can cause unfortunate accidents while traveling. So, what is a blind spot? What kind of system is the BSM blind spot warning system and how does it work? Join CarOn to find answers to these questions through the following article.

What is blind spot?

Blind spot (cars and similar vehicles) is understood as the space/area outside the vehicle that is covered/hidden and not in the driver’s field of vision; That is, when sitting in the car, the driver will not be able to observe those blind spots, whether looking directly from the driver’s seat or through the rearview mirror.

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The larger the vehicle’s design structure, the larger the blind spot, causing significant obscuration of vision when the vehicle enters a turn, because at this time, the driver often cannot proactively observe and handle the situation. . It is known that there have been many unfortunate accidents that occurred when the driver was driving backwards or forwards, changing lanes or turning, parking/parking and a person, vehicle or object entered or appeared in the vehicle’s blind spot. .

Causes of vehicle blind spots

Due to the structural design of the vehicle

Most cars and passenger cars today are made up of large columns and outer frames to create stability, durability, and at the same time support the roof. Although this is a mandatory structural design for all vehicles, it is the main cause of blind spots for drivers.

Rearview mirror adjustment is not appropriate

Improper rearview mirror adjustment is the leading subjective cause of blind spots. Many unfortunate incidents involving people and property occur due to carelessness when adjusting the rearview mirror, causing the image of an object to fall into the blind spot.

Due to the driver’s body shape and driving posture

According to research, people with short stature have longer blind spots than people with tall stature. With a larger body, it’s easier to get a broader view.

BSM blind spot warning system

What is the BSM blind spot warning system?

The blind spot warning system BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) is a smart safety warning device that monitors hidden locations around the vehicle and warns the driver when a vehicle is detected. move in this area. From there, the driver can proactively control the vehicle and promptly handle situations, ensuring safety when traveling on the road.

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When BSM senses a vehicle is about to enter a blind spot, it will warn you that a specific adjacent lane is unclear. Typically, the warning appears as a yellow warning light somewhere on the outside rear view mirror on whichever side is relevant to the oncoming vehicle. Instead, it may appear on your vehicle’s A-pillar (the column between the windshield and front doors), the driver information display, or the head-up display.

The BSM blind spot warning system has become an important safety technology in today’s cars by minimizing unexpected accidents due to poor visibility.

Operating principle of the blind spot warning system

Blind spot warning effectively takes some of the guesswork out of positioning your outside mirrors because it acts as an early warning system for vehicles about to tow you.

It uses a combination of sensors and sometimes side-mounted cameras to monitor approaching traffic in adjacent lanes. You can usually spot the sensors. They are usually circular dents about the size of a quarter on the vehicle’s body or dents.

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When the BSM senses an approaching vehicle, it goes into warning mode. Some blind-spot monitoring systems are so sophisticated that they will push you away from the lane marking on that side. The system can even steer you back into the center of the lane.

Classification of blind spot warning systems

The BSM blind spot warning system was first launched in 1995 by George Platzer. After 20 years of application and improvement, this system has increasingly shown its important role in reducing traffic accidents. . Blind spot warning systems can be divided into two main types:

  • Passive car blind spot warning system: Previously, in order to reduce costs, car manufacturers often equipped the rearview mirror with a small convex mirror, located in one corner of the rearview mirror. The purpose is to help the driver see hidden areas that a conventional rearview mirror cannot see. This simple system still proves to be quite effective and is quite commonly used.
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  • Active car blind spot warning system: a blind spot monitoring system consisting of electromagnetic wave emitters mounted on the rearview mirror, around the vehicle body or rear bumper that are responsible for emitting electromagnetic waves when the vehicle is moving. In addition, there may be additional cameras placed on the two rearview mirrors. When a vehicle behind or on the side approaches your vehicle too closely, the electromagnetic transmitter will recognize it and send a signal to the controller. The system will warn you by making a sound, vibrating the steering wheel and the image will be displayed on the center screen for easy viewing. Many car models will even guide you on how to handle the situation.
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Benefits of blind spot warning system

With nearly 10% of vehicle accidents being caused by collisions while changing lanes, BSM can be a useful tool when used. In a 2017 article, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that blind-spot monitoring reduces lane-changing accidents by 14%. Furthermore, it reduces lane-changing collision injuries by 23%. Some other benefits of BSM that you may be interested in include:

  • It will prevent some accidents and may minimize others.
  • You will have increased awareness while driving.
  • You’ll feel safer and more confident, and so will your passengers.
  • Early warnings increase the time you have to respond.
  • It helps you relieve some of the stress of driving in close quarters.
  • The bigger the car, the bigger the benefit.
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Above is the information that CarOn provides to readers about blind spots and the BSM blind spot warning system. For further information, please contact hotline 0961247360 or website https://caronpro.vn/ for quick support.

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