Should you upgrade your car’s air intake? Prestigious car door repair address

As we know, the door is an extremely convenient device, bringing many good experiences to car owners. However, not all car manufacturers install intake doors for their products. Because of such advantages, customizing car doors is becoming a new trend among gamers. But do you clearly understand and know the reputable addresses to install air vents? Let CarOn tell you through the following article

Why do you need to upgrade your car’s air intake?

An original car door while opening and closing will cause extremely unpleasant noises, affecting the user’s driving experience. To eliminate those shortcomings, car doors are a perfect choice

Besides, the door also improves the safety of your vehicle. Minimize unnecessary accidents such as getting your hands, feet, clothes stuck, etc. or creating loopholes for intruders to break in. With the automatic closing range at a distance of 6 – 8 mm, the closing area is not easily obstructed, making users safer when moving.

The intelligent operating mechanism is also a plus point of the car door. Car electric doors have an independent operating mechanism, only taking power directly from the battery source without going through the car body. Therefore, installing the door will not affect the vehicle’s electrical system at all. Just gently push the door, the door closer and lock will perform the remaining tasks. With quality, reputable snorkel doors on the market, they are always integrated with a smart anti-grip sensor feature.

Use of CarOn inhaler

Overall assessment, the car door is a very good investment compared to the price range.

The benefits of adjusting car exhaust doors

The car door is designed with smart and modern technology, this is a product with many advantages, trusted and chosen by many people.

  • The intake doors are designed in a variety of ways and are suitable for many vehicle models. Therefore, if the user changes vehicle models, the door can be installed for the new vehicle model.
  • The installation process of the car door is not time consuming. With a team of professional and highly qualified staff, the installation process of the inlet door is extremely easy.
  • The door is cleverly installed and hidden. So the door system does not affect the vehicle’s aesthetics, features or electrical system.
  • With the smart mechanism, users only need to lightly impact the door. The door system will automatically close quickly and safely.
  • Automatic inhalation doors help users have a comfortable, luxurious and polite experience when using. Does not make noise, does not require strong force, ensuring safety for both vehicle and user.
  • The technical parameters of the inhaler door are all guaranteed to meet international standards and are highly durable. In particular, car doors can also withstand harsh impacts from weather and the outside environment. Furthermore, the door can also be used normally in the event of a power outage.

Price and time for car door repair

The cost of a set of car doors currently on the market ranges from 11 million to 18 million depending on the car brand and model. With this price compared to the features, it is a value-for-money upgrade that many car owners can accept.

The time to upgrade the intake system is not too long. The installation is almost completely straightforward, just remove the old lock mount and replace it with a new lock mount incorporating a suction motor and you’re done. Normally, to completely install a set of doors (including 4 doors), it takes about 4-5 hours for 2 workers.

Types of car doors that are popular today

The trend of customizing car doors has become strong, serving as a springboard for the business market of this product to develop and expand. There are many types of inhaler doors with outstanding quality, including:

Owin inhaler

Owin is the most popular car accessories brand today. Owin exhaust doors are highly appreciated for their quality, durability, stable and smooth operation… Genuine Owin exhaust doors range from 14 – 21 million VND/set depending on the vehicle model. Owin door closes automatically and safely, with outstanding quality. The product uses MABUCHI traction motor, a reputable brand from Japan, with a 3-year warranty.


JooToon inhaler

JooToon is also a famous car door brand. The advantage of JooToon snorkel door is that it uses a Japanese Mabuchi motor, the door closing sound is extremely small, automatically closes when 8 mm close to the latch, has a new generation child lock… Genuine JooToon snuff door prices range from 11 – 20 million VND/set depending on vehicle model.


Yagu inhalation door

Yagu inhaler door is an imported inhaler door product line, with the advantages of smart mechanism, gentle closing, anti-jamming sensor that automatically releases when encountering obstacles, the product uses Japanese technology, and has a MABUCHI traction motor. with high durability, warranty up to 3 years… Genuine Yagu door prices range from 10 – 18 million VND/set depending on the car model.


Scar inhaler

A famous product line in the Vietnamese market, automatic door closing, safety, anti-jamming sensor promises to bring users a perfect experience. The Scar inhalation door line has the advantage of having a short cable but providing stronger traction, the cable sensitivity can be adjusted up or down, the door closes gently, and the warranty is 1 for 1 within 3 years. Genuine Scar inhaler prices range from 10 – 20 million VND/set depending on the car model.

scar-caron door (1)

Car door installation process

To install a complete car door system, the implementation process is strictly in accordance with regulations, from consulting to installation.

Consulting on choosing the right door type

Because this is a product line designed according to the vehicle, before installation, it is necessary to choose the appropriate product to avoid cutting or re-processing to avoid losing the vehicle’s form.

Check vehicle and product before installation

Check the entire vehicle system for any errors before installation. In addition, newly installed products need to be tested before installing on the vehicle to avoid wasting time and having negative effects on the vehicle.

The most important thing is to check the door latch and latch. The door system is directly related to the door, so before installation, it is necessary to carefully check the related parts such as: glass, lock mount, door latch,…

Proceed to install the intake door

To install the inlet door system, technicians need to perform the following steps in the following order

Step 1: Remove the car door panel. Note that some cars’ door panels do not pull out (horizontally) but push up (vertical).

Step 2: Remove the outside car door handle.

Step 3: Remove the original door lock set.

Step 4: Install the inhaler door lock. A set of sliding doors will have two main parts: the lock and the motor. At this time, only install the lock set.

Step 5: Connect the power supply wire to the motor. Electricity will be supplied directly from the battery. After powering the motor, place the motor inside the door. Be careful not to place the motor too high because it will easily touch the downstroke of the car window glass. It should be placed as deep below as possible.

Step 6: Reinstall the outside door handle.

Step 7: Reinstall the car door panel.

Check and accept product quality upon completion

After installation is complete, do not rush to return it to the customer. It is necessary to carefully check the parts related to the door, check the vehicle’s condition to avoid minor related errors.

Some standards of quality car doors


A system car exhaust door Quality, stable operation, and durability cannot be felt just by feeling. According to statistics from customers installing and using, a number of standards are proposed such as:

– Noise < 10 Db

– Gently push the lock latch halfway and the door will automatically close tightly.

– Does not get stuck when encountering obstacles

– No electric leakage, no fire

– When the vehicle’s electrical system has a problem, the door can still be opened and closed normally.

– Lifespan must be up to 100,000 operating cycles

– Anti-jamming ability: One of the features that many drivers do not pay attention to in the door set, if not there it will be dangerous for the user, is the anti-jamming ability. During the process of closing the door (the door is closed on mount 1), then it will automatically inhale into mount 2. When the door inhales into mount 2, if it encounters an obstacle, the door will stop.

Can car exhaust doors be refused registration?

This is a question that many people are interested in, because nowadays cars are no longer just a regular means of transportation, but a companion that shows the class of drivers.

Although there are many devices installed in cars that are refused registration, you can completely rest assured because the car’s air vents will NOT BE REFUSED TO BE REGISTERED. You can refer to the cases of registration refusal through the following article

Prestigious car door repair address

Currently, there are many addresses accepting installation of snorkel door systems, but not everywhere we can “choose to send gold”. With the needs of today’s “car enthusiasts”, CarOn Pro – a brand that has received a lot of trust from customers – has also joined the “sniffing door” race.

With a team of experienced staff, knowledgeable about products and importantly, putting customer experience first, CarOn is confident to be one of the most prestigious addresses today for car customization services. For car door products, CarOn uses the highest quality product lines, imported directly without intermediaries, ensuring effective use. Besides, with the customer-first motto, CarOn always has extremely attractive after-sales service.

Above is useful information about “Car intake” that CarOn has compiled and compiled. Hope this article has helped you answer your questions. For further information, please contact hotline 0961.247.360 or via website for the fastest consulting support.

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