Revealing Hyundai Creta Adventure – off-road version with many new exterior details before G

The off-road version of the Hyundai Creta actually only changes slightly in appearance and does not upgrade the powertrain.

Hyundai has just revealed an off-road design called Adventure for the Hyundai Creta model in the Indian market. According to information confirmed by the Korean car company, this new version is expected to officially launch in mid-August.

Hyundai Creta Adventure will bring a stronger, more vibrant appearance to Hyundai’s outstanding urban SUV line. Different from regular versions, Hyundai Creta Adventure will be equipped with chrome-plated fish fins on both sides of the body, combined with the Adventure symbol. This is a detail that shows aesthetics and does not affect drivability. Facing the wider viewing angle from the revealed images, the side area is also decorated with protective bars and delicate aluminum panels on the car door. The wheels used are 18-inch dark colored wheels that, inspired by the Alcazar version, are slightly larger. In the image, we can see the brake red color, but it is unclear whether this is an upgraded high-performance brake version or simply a repaint.

Technical features of the Hyundai Creta Adventure have not yet been revealed, but it can be expected that the powertrain will not change. The 2-wheel drive system to improve off-road performance is also not included in this version. Instead, the differences mainly focus on design and aesthetic aspects.

The Hyundai Creta Adventure along with a number of other special editions, like the Knight Edition, will help keep the original version competitive. This SUV is expected to receive a design update in the near future, when the current generation is introduced from 2019, to continue to maintain its appeal in the market.

Source: Auto Pro

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