Mitsubishi Triton hybrid is scheduled to launch early next year with better fuel economy

With advanced equipment and outstanding performance, Mitsubishi is preparing for a bold step in the pickup truck market with the Triton product line.

Under the leadership of Director of Global Product Strategy and Engineering, Mr. Hiroshi Nagaoka, the company has revealed an ambitious plan: developing not one, but two new versions for Mitsubishi Triton.

In order to face the challenges of energy consumption and environmental impact, Mitsubishi has decided to put hybrid technology into its sights. According to a statement from the launch of the new version of Mitsubishi Triton, hybrid technology will be a “short-term solution” before the company moves into a new direction with pure electric vehicles.

Hiroshi Nagaoka, Mitsubishi’s innovation leader, boldly confirmed to reporters attending the event that the company is researching and developing both types of vehicles: hybrid versions and pure electric versions. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to shaping a sustainable future for the auto industry.

Mitsubishi does not stop at developing new technology, but also expands its hybrid production line to important markets. In early 2024, Thailand will become the first place outside of Japan to produce the company’s hybrid car models. This not only demonstrates diversity in production strategies but also helps Mitsubishi make the most of available nickel reserves in the region.

Not only stopping at Triton, Mitsubishi will also bring hybrid technology to the Xpander model, expanding the application range of this advanced technology. A particularly noteworthy point is that the company is also planning to launch a new SUV model later this year, continuing to assert its influence in the Southeast Asian market.

As part of its expansion strategy, Mitsubishi has also begun considering the possibility of opening a hybrid vehicle assembly plant in Indonesia. This is a step that can help the company take advantage of local nickel reserves and expand its presence in one of the region’s potential markets.

The Southeast Asian auto market has always been considered a promising land, and Mitsubishi has proven its determination to conquer this market. The groundbreaking combination of hybrid technology and a broader vision of the future of electric cars will certainly help the company maintain its attractiveness and competitiveness in the market, while also maintaining its position against competition from other competitors, including Chinese car manufacturers.

Source: Otofun

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