Handbook on Rear Camera for cars

Car reversing cameras are a powerful “assistant” when reversing or parking, helping the driver easily observe the entire scene of traffic developments behind the car.

For complex traffic situations like in Vietnam, equipping a car dashboard camera, especially a reversing camera, is extremely necessary and useful, helping car owners move safely and conveniently without wasting money. a lot of time every time you stop or park your car.

So do you really understand it or not? Let’s find out with CarOn now!

What is a reversing camera?


Rear camera (Car rear dash camera) is a special type of camera attached to the back of a car to provide visibility and traffic developments behind the car. Along with the car dash cam, this reverse parking recording device has become one of the indispensable equipment on every vehicle.

Taking on the role of a “third eye”, car reversing cameras not only support maximum observation and protection for the driver, but are also a device that completely eliminates the limitations of mirrors. Queen.

Structure and operating principle of the reversing camera

Reverse cameras for cars operate on a fairly simple principle. The camera mounted on the rear of the car will record the entire image behind the car and display it on the car’s front screen. Thanks to that, blind spots that cannot be seen through the rearview mirror and left and right mirrors are limited.

Typically, car reversing cameras use wide-angle or fisheye lenses, allowing for the entire scene behind the car. Wide-angle reversing camera helps overcome blind spots more effectively, clearly seeing both sides of the vehicle. Some types of cameras are equipped with infrared LED systems, helping to increase visibility at night or in bad weather conditions.


Car reversing cameras include 3 main parts as follows:

– The body (including the camera eye) is an important part of a reversing camera. Made of sturdy, sturdy material, the camera body is water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The camera eye alone can observe images at night with a wide angle of up to 150 – 170 degrees, allowing to cover the entire scene behind the car. For cameras that support infrared lights, they can be observed in low light conditions.

– Car camera screen: For cars that do not have a DVD screen, the camera will be integrated on the dashboard screen or mirror screen placed on the rear mirror.

– Camera mount: In the process of designing the rear camera installation location, the camera mount is indispensable. The mounting bracket can be bolted directly to the rear of the vehicle, ensuring stability and aesthetics throughout the entire vehicle. In addition, some types of reverse cameras and dash cams also add some additional parts such as camera power cords, processor chips, peripheral device connection ports, etc.

Utility of reversing camera

Rear cameras bring convenience and safety to drivers because at a glance, the reversing camera system can warn of obstacles appearing behind the vehicle – these obstacles cannot be seen normally through the mirror. rear, especially for sports cars, SUVs and pickup trucks.

When installing a reversing camera, the driver will easily manage traffic jams or go through small, narrow roads. Seeing what is behind will create a real sense of safety for the driver, especially are those who are just starting to drive.

With the support of a reversing camera, it will make everything easier and more convenient in reversing the car, putting the car in the barn, avoiding unnecessary collisions, in addition to helping you save time and not having to pay. Spend money to beautify the car such as repainting the rear or side of the car.

If you are not equipped with a reversing camera, just looking through the rear mirror without help, the process of reversing or parking in the parking lot will be very difficult and time-consuming. In particular, when traveling at night without this camera system, it will definitely be very disadvantageous. For those with “young” drivers or poor eyesight, installing a car reversing camera is more necessary and important than ever.

Types of reversing cameras available

Infrared reverse camera

caron infrared reverse cam

This is a type of reverse camera that integrates infrared technology, allowing good recording in low light conditions. Infrared reversing cameras are chosen by many drivers because the images recorded from the cameras are always clearly visible regardless of day or night.

Wireless reverse camera

Reverse cameras often require quite complicated wiring between the camera and the screen. However, wireless reversing cameras are different. This device automatically connects to the screen via wireless waves, completely eliminating the need to run wires along the vehicle and without losing the vehicle’s originality.

Back cam k day caron

Some types of wireless reversing cameras can also be easily connected to the phone, displaying recorded images right on the smartphone without the need for a screen.

On the rearview mirror reversing camera


This type of camera includes a camera eye and a rearview mirror with an integrated display screen. When the car reverses, the entire image from the rear camera will be displayed in the rearview mirror. This type is suitable for both cars with or without a central screen.

The camera can be adjusted according to the steering angle and steering wheel

The reversing camera has a navigation bar when steering wheel, on the screen will display the reverse and forward sensor. Many new car models today have reverse camera screen lines that can curve in the direction of the driver’s steering wheel, creating a realistic and clear feeling, helping the driver handle situations more safely and accurately.

Dashboard camera with integrated reverse camera

Some cars only have the original CD player. If you want to display images from the reverse camera, you need to install an additional screen. If you do not want to interfere with the interior to install a new screen, you can choose an alternative solution of installing a dash cam with integrated reversing function.

This multi-function device, in addition to the main function of recording the vehicle’s journey, also functions similarly to a reversing camera. When the car shifts into reverse gear, the reverse camera will automatically record the image behind the car and display it on the device’s screen, helping the driver reverse the car more safely and easily.

Most famous dash cam brands have many dash cam models with integrated reversing cameras that come with many other features, making it comfortable for customers to choose from.

360 camera with integrated reverse camera

CarOn Pro screen camera

More advanced than a dash cam with an integrated reverse camera is a 360 camera. This device records 4 sides around the car, front, back, left, and right. When reversing the car, the 360 ​​camera acts as a reversing camera, recording and displaying the image of the rear of the car with a graduated alignment line. Not only that, with the 360 ​​camera, you can also view 360 images of the vehicle while in reverse, looking from above and down, covering the entire scene around the vehicle.

Some types of 360 cameras for cars that are rated well today are the 360 ​​CarOn Pro Camera

Price of a reversing camera

The cost of a reversing camera depends on many factors, specifically: the quality of images captured from the camera; ability to record images in low light conditions; Does it have a built-in navigation function?… Based on their actual needs, car riders can choose the appropriate type of reversing camera at a reasonable price.

Car reversing cameras currently have many types with prices ranging from a few hundred to several million dong. The most popular price is: about 400,000 – 1,000,000 VND. The time to install a reverse camera on a car is about 30 minutes. The difficulty is higher than that of a dash cam, so it requires the installer to have certain technical knowledge.

CarOn smart screen – a masterpiece with integrated reverse camera


Reverse cameras for cars are currently being chosen by many people because of the high safety for themselves and their families. That’s why there are many units that provide and install cheap cameras of unknown origin and poor quality for their own benefit. To install a safe, quality camera for yourself, come to CarOn Pro

As a reputable maintenance center, using genuine products and good service quality, CarOn Pro has been serving hundreds of thousands of customers, gaining trust from the most veteran drivers. With a team of staff with extensive working experience, installing a reversing camera is “too easy” with CarOn

Besides, CarOn’s research team also succeeded in launching another masterpiece – CarOn smart car screen


With a compact, modern design, CarOn smart screens come in a variety of designs and sizes. However, no matter the design, the CarOn smart screen is integrated with useful utilities for drivers such as: online navigation map, virtual assistant Kiki, Youtube, Wifi – Bluetooth connection. And most importantly, it is integrated with reverse camera, 360 camera, dash cam,…

Your beloved car seems to become a comfortable “transportation room” with the help of the CarOn smart screen. With reasonable costs and attractive after-sales service from CarOn, you will have wonderful driving experiences.

Frequently asked questions about car reversing cameras

📌 Should you install a reverse camera in your car?

Answer: The rear camera greatly supports your driving experience, providing images of traffic conditions, helping you feel secure when traveling because you can easily observe your surroundings. In short, this is a very profitable investment.

📌 What type of reversing camera should be installed?

Answer: The car reversing camera of the CarOn brand is being evaluated by many people for its good quality, stable operation, sharp images… You can refer to product details via hotline number 0961.247.360 or contact the website https://caronpro.vn/ to update more information.

📌 Should you install a smart screen with a built-in reverse screen?

Answer: As mentioned above, the reversing camera brings many benefits and has a reasonable price. However, to optimize the conveniences of your beloved car, a smart screen is a wise choice. You can completely control the image of the reversing camera, or any other features (online navigation map, 360 camera, entertainment, phone calls…), all with just one operation. Simple on-screen installation. Get a great experience at an affordable price, don’t hesitate to try it!

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