Toyota Alphard and Vellfire are about to launch in Thailand with three different variants, equipped with a 2.5 Hybrid E-Four engine and imported entirely from Japan. Their starting price is 3.9 million baht (about 2.6 billion VND).

Specifically, the upcoming Toyota Alphard and Vellfire MPV duo will have three versions, respectively: Alphard 2.5 HEV High E-Four, Vellfire 2.5 HEV High E-Four and Alphard 2.5 HEV VIP E-Fourd Executive Lounge. All three versions are imported entirely from Japan and come with a warranty: Hybrid system is warranted for 5 years, unlimited kilometers; Hybrid batteries are warranted for 10 years, also with no limit on kilometers.

Both the completely new Toyota Alphard and Vellfire models in Thailand will not have many differences compared to their Japanese counterparts. Dimensions of the vehicle include: Total length from 5,005 to 5,100 mm; Total width 1,850 mm; Total height from 1,945 to 1,950 mm; Wheelbase 3,000 mm; Ground clearance 160 mm; Fuel tank capacity 60 liters.

Compared to the previous generation, both upcoming models will be 65 mm longer and 55 mm taller, while the remaining parameters remain unchanged. Both of Toyota’s high-end MPV models will use the same Hybrid powertrain system. The 2.5L gasoline engine will produce a maximum capacity of 190 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 236 Nm from 4,300 to 4,500 rpm. This engine will be combined with an electric motor with 182 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque.

Furthermore, the rear axle will also integrate an electric motor with a capacity of 54 horsepower and 121 Nm of torque. When the two engines work together, the total power of the system will be up to 250 horsepower. Comes with the Hybrid system is an E-CVT continuously variable automatic transmission, a Ni-MH battery pack and an E-Four 4-wheel drive system.

The new generation Toyota Alphard and Vellfire will be built on Toyota’s TNGA-K global platform. The front suspension will be a MacPherson form, combined with a double-wishbone rear suspension with stabilizer bar. In Thailand, the exterior equipment of both cars includes: 19-inch alloy rims; LED headlights; LED taillights; Sequential turn signals; Front sunroof; Rear seat sunroof with vertical design…

Inside the interior compartment, both Toyota Alphard and Vellfire will be equipped with: High-quality cladding materials with Uzuramoku wood pattern; Automatic air conditioning system with 4 independent zones; Nano X dual-zone air control system front and rear; Optional interior lights Ambient light with 64 colors; Electric adjustable sunshades; The rear door opens automatically/hands-free; Ambient lighting helps get in and out of the car at night…

Other equipment includes a 12.3-inch electronic clock; HUD rearview mirror; 14-inch central entertainment touch screen; Supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless connection; Path positioning system; T-Connect infotainment system; 14-inch rear-seat screen; JBL sound system with 15 speakers.

The safety system on Alphard and Vellfire is fully equipped with the most advanced features, including: ABS anti-lock braking system; EBD brake force distribution system; BA brake assist system; VSC electronic control system; TRC skid control system…

Furthermore, Toyota Alphard and Vellfire 2024 are also equipped with HAC Hill Start Assist System; BSM blind spot warning system; RCTA reverse vehicle warning system… and 6 airbags.

With the upcoming launch in Thailand with a starting price of 3.9 million baht (about 2.6 billion VND), Thailand will become the second country in Southeast Asia, after Malaysia, to launch in the world. New generation of Toyota Alphard and Vellfire.

The new generation Toyota Alphard and Vellfire (40-series) were launched globally in Japan in June 2023 and are divided into two segments: mid-range segment and high-end segment. In Vietnam, Toyota Alphard is still in the third generation and has a selling price of 4.37 billion VND.

Source: Otofun

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