Rimac Nevera – The World’s Most Powerful Electric Supercar Officially Launched in SEA: Beating All Records with a Value of 52 Billion VND!

Rimac Nevera, the electric racing “monster” has officially arrived in Southeast Asia, creating a new wave with unparalleled speed and technology. Not only is it a truly unique electric car, Rimac Nevera is posing the question: Will Vietnamese tycoons dare to bring this “super product” home?

Rimac Nevera stands out with impressive acceleration, taking less than 2 seconds to reach a speed of 0-100 km/h. This agility is not only a record in the electric vehicle segment but also fascinates speed enthusiasts around the world.

The electric masterpiece Rimac Nevera not only attracts by its speed but also by its terrible price – no less than 2 million Euros (about 52 billion VND). This price does not include taxes and import fees, especially in countries with high import taxes like Singapore, the price can be up to 6 million Euro.

With an incredible maximum speed of up to 412 km/h, Rimac Nevera set a record and surpassed the old record of Bugatti Veyron. This is not only the fastest electric car in the world but also a symbol of strength and class.

Equipped with 4 electric motors producing up to 1,887 horsepower, along with a 120 kWh battery system, Rimac Nevera not only holds the speed record but is also the fastest accelerating car in about 400 meters .

Not only strong in performance, Rimac Nevera also conquers users with its luxurious interior space with high-quality leather sports seats, 3 smart electronic screens, and the use of advanced carbon material.

Rimac Nevera is not just an electric car, but an engineering masterpiece, offering a completely new driving experience and style. Will Vietnamese tycoons dare to challenge this electric “monster”? Certainly, this is a challenging and classy decision!

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