Mercedes-Benz EQG: Marking a Transition to Launch in 2024

Fans of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class will soon be able to welcome a special, powerful and fully electric version – EQG. In early 2024, the unique combination of G-Class design and electric motor power will become a reality.

At the 2023 Munich major exhibition, Mercedes-Benz confirmed that a mini version of the G-Class will appear “in the next few years”. In addition, the company also clearly announced the launch date of EQG, the all-electric version of the G-Class, which will take place in early 2024.

The introduction of a fully electric version like the EQG will mark a diversification in powertrain configurations for G-Class lovers. Since October 2017, Mercedes-Benz has stopped producing the G-Class using V12 engines. In June 2023, the V8 engine will also be eliminated, leaving G-Class users with only the I-6 engine to choose from.

The Mercedes-Benz EQG is built on the chassis of the original G-Class, but has been improved to accommodate electric technology and meet standard performance requirements. This helps maintain the typical off-road performance of the G-Class, not inferior to the traditional engine version.

EQG’s suspension system is made up of double wishbones at the front and hook axle at the rear. The electric battery is located under the car, protected by a steel frame and carbon fiber reinforced polymer layer. In particular, all four wheels have the ability to rotate freely, thanks to G-Turn technology, allowing the vehicle to rotate 360 ​​degrees in place, helping to face all difficult terrain.

Based on the European test version, the interior of the Mercedes-Benz EQG retains the style and layout of the G-Class, but with some unique improvements and highlights. The new steering wheel, central control cluster has a simpler touchpad and digital control panel is placed between the air conditioning vents. This area is also expected to become a working space with off-road features, ensuring optimal comfort and performance when exploring all terrains.

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