“Hot” Proposal that people buying electric cars will be supported with 1,000 USD

Vietnam’s economy is taking an important step forward in promoting the use of electric cars and green energy vehicles through new policies and proposals from the Ministry of Transport (MOT). Below is an overview of notable proposals and incentives in the electric car sector in Vietnam.

Proposal to Encourage Switching to Electric Cars

Enterprises in the automobile sector have put forward a series of important proposals compiled by the Ministry of Transport, with the goal of developing policies to encourage people to switch from vehicles using gasoline and diesel fuel to electric cars. . In the context of strengthening environmental protection and promoting innovation in green technology, promoting the use of electric cars is a top goal.

Diverse Support for 3 Types of Electric Cars

A report from Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha announced that the number of electric cars produced, assembled and imported in Vietnam has increased significantly in recent years. From 2018 to 2021, only 167 vehicles were certified, however, this number has increased to nearly 12,600 vehicles by July 2023. However, the main focus is on cars and city buses.

Charging Station System Expanded

Integrating charging station systems is an important part of promoting the development of electric cars. VinFast Company has pioneered the development of more than 150,000 charging ports spread across the country. VinFast has currently installed 1,560 electric charging stations, while EVIDA Company provides more than 850 electric charging points. EVN also participated in handing over 6 electric charging stations to customers.

Policy Framework to Support the Transition to Electric Cars

To promote the transition to electric cars, the Ministry of Transport has proposed a support policy framework, including electric cars such as battery cars, fuel cell cars and solar cars.

Diversifying Incentives for People

Regarding people buying electric cars, many preferential policies have been proposed. In particular, exemption and reduction of registration fees and license plate registration for electric cars is a highlight. Along with that, financial support and subsidies for electric car buyers are also part of the policy.

Diverse Policies for Electric Car Manufacturing and Assembly

In addition to supporting people, the policy also focuses on the production and assembly of electric cars. The Ministry of Transport proposes to amend and supplement regulations on emission standards and fuel consumption. At the same time, the mechanism prioritizes the development of public transport and regulations on the disposal of electric car batteries.

Facilitating Charging Station Infrastructure

Mechanisms for charging station infrastructure are also being considered to ensure the continued development of electric cars. Promulgating regulations on electric charging stations and connecting charging stations with international charging technology is an important part of the policy.

Promoting the use of electric cars and green vehicles is becoming an important goal in building a sustainable future for the automobile industry in Vietnam. Diverse proposals and policies from the Ministry of Transport are shaping a new direction for the electric car sector and bringing benefits to people and the environment.

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