“Explore Kia Ray 2024: Upgraded Comfort and New Features”

Discover now the Kia Ray 2024, the famous “Arhat Fish” that once caused a fever in Vietnam, with upgraded comfort levels and unique new features. The car is not only an exclusive symbol for the Korean market but also brings many modern equipment, increasing the urban driving experience to a new level. Join us to explore the unique features and notable improvements of the Kia Ray 2024!

Upgraded Amenities

The upgrade of Kia Ray 2024 brings many new utilities, helping to optimize the user experience. The 8-inch touch screen supports Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, reversing camera, shark fin antenna and safety airbags for the commercial version are special equipment. The high-end version is even equipped with a remotely updated navigation system, 6 entertainment speakers, automatic air conditioning, heated steering wheel, ventilated driver’s seat and folding rear seats. This proves Kia’s commitment to providing top comfort for drivers and passengers.

Efficient Engine

Kia Ray 2024 still uses a 998cc gasoline engine, delivering 77 horsepower at 6,400 rpm. This engine is not only powerful but also fuel efficient, making the journey more flexible and economical than ever.

Unique design

With a new blue color and unique asymmetrical door system, Kia Ray 2024 continues to stand out in the urban car segment. The design is not only interesting but also demonstrates Kia’s creativity and fresh look at car design.

Real value

With a starting price of 13.9 million won in Korea, equivalent to 258.3 million VND, Kia Ray 2024 is not only an excellent choice in its segment but also brings unparalleled practical value to consumers. use.

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